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Has a lot to do with age, if he is a "new" friend and he is aware of his sexual orientation, he might be "curioius", if he is a long time friend and either just came out or "became" gay I wouldn't worry.


it means nothing other than your boyfriends best friends gay.

if you are having doubts as to your boyfriends sexual orientation,his having gay best friend is very little to do with whether or not he is gay but i can assure you he will not be gay simply because he has a gay best friend, and the only real way to know is to ask him if he is or not.


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Q: What does it mean if your boyfriend's best friend is gay?
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What does gay best friend mean?

Either you have a gay best friend or you are the gay best friend idk

What does it mean when your best guy friend flirts around you?

It means your best friend is gay. or better known as homosexual

How do you get a gay best friend?

YOu get a Gay friend the same way you get a straight friend. You be real and open.

Is it okay to fancy a guy who is gay?

like as a friend? it is ok to have a gay as a best friend. they make really good friends for girls. one of my best friends is gay. and before he was gay.... we hardly ever talked and i wouldn't of considered him my best friend. now that he told me he is gay though, we are extremely close. or do you mean likelike a gay guy? if you mean it like that... probably not. i really liked my friend before he was gay.. and every once in a while i wish he wasnt gay because we might of had a chance of dating. but i am really glad he is gay. hope i helped. =]

What does it mean when you have made out with your gay best friend?

It would be best to talk about what happened with them but chances are it was a one time thing as that person is gay and you can't change that.

Is my best friend gay?

We don't know your friend. If you are best friends, ask your friend!

If your best guy friend puts his arm around you what does that mean?

That means there gay ___________ OR it could be a joke

What to you do if you are in love with your gay best friend?

If you are also gay, then tell your friend. If you are the opposite gender, then move on.

Was rapper biggie smalls gay?

YES so gay and his best friend was gay

Is the best friend in 'I Love You Beth Cooper' gay?

No, he is not gay. People asume that he is since he has never had a girlfriend and since he is in drama. But really, he OS just a shy nerd like his best friend Denis. So the answer is that Rich, the best friend, is NOT gay.

What does it mean boy calls a girl sweetheart?

he is being nice Well, my best friend calls me sweetheart and he is gay.

How do you kiss your gay best friend?

all you have to do is kiss them

Your boyfriends to scared to kss you why is he?

he is really gay

How do you tell your best friend that you are gay?

A crazily situational question with no real answer... besides just saying,"I'm gay". It really depends on what kind of person your best friend is and how well they are gonna take that to begin with and the reason why you are telling your best friend you're gay.

What do you do if your friend is gay?

Why should you have to do anything? If your friend is gay, be a friend to your gay friend.

Your best friend is gay how do you help him?

if you mean help him change, well you're not a good friend Jim Morrison said : "a friend is someone who gives you full freedom to be yourself"

What does it mean when your best guy friend's friend acts perverted around you hugs you a lot and carries you a lot?

it could mean he is into you trust me its happened i asked a friend and we went out (im gay and proud) so if ur gay mabye u should ask them if they are. if they aren't say to stop acting like that they'll attract gay people.

Who is Iyaz's best friend?

People figured out that Iyaz's Best Friend is Miley Cyrus they say that Miley Cyrus wrote a Song about a gay Best Friend and she said her Bff is Iyaz so Iyaz is gay and keeping it a secret and before he came famous he was gay then too.

Is miley cyrus's friend gay?

um no she is not she was joking am a best friend of miley and her friends

If a guy says to your friend he'll be your friend your friend tells you just after he graduated and he never told you what does that mean?

THAT MEANS HES GAY and he doesnt wanna be your friend cause your gay

How can you turn your hot best friend gay like you?

Dont do it.

What do you about your gay best friend that's hitting on you?

get er dun!

How will you tell if your boyfriends are gay?

If they have sex with or are attracted to men. . .

How do you confess to your same-sex best friend?

How do you confess what? That you are gay you mean? You seem to have a problem even writing it is a question. Try dropping hints about gay people in your conversations and gauge what his views are about gay people.

Why does your boyfriend act gay around his best friend?

There is no such thing as "acting gay". A person's sexual orientation has nothing to do with how they act. You probably mean your boyfriend is imitating gay stereotypes. You would simply have to ask him why he does it.