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To be "bonded" means the insurance company of your employer must agree to insure them from any losses or damaged caused by you, their employee. Generally, you must be of good character, with no or few relevant criminal convictions, and sometimes no record of being fired from a job for misconduct. It means that you are trustworthy, and can handle cash and valuables.

The bonding company will do a background check on you, possibly going back to when you were a student in high school, and talk to your provided personal references, at least three of them, and also your past employers and maybe your friends, to find out if you really are honest, and not a crook.

Once they are satisfied that you are "bondable" they will send a report to your prospective employer and offer to "bond " you. This is like an insurance policy that will pay the employer IF YOU STEAL FROM THEM, while working for them. Once a person had been bonded, it is a great factor in being hired in the future, as it proves that you are an honest and trustworthy employee.

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Q: What does it mean to have the ability to be bonded?
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