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What does it mean to title your car?


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A title is a document that proves ownership of the vehicle. A vehicle cannot be legally registered and licensed. When you purchase a vehicle you receive the title from the seller. You take the title to the DMV, fill out the paperwork and you will receive a new title in your name and the name of any lien holders.


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what does surrendered title mean on my registration?

Not unless your name is on the title. Possession of the title does not mean you own the vehicle.

On a New Jersey title, the 'Z' suffix indicates that the car was once title out-of-state.

If you mean car title contract DMV. They will charge a fee.

With right of Survivorship

No, the bottom line is, the title must have the owner's name. Put in reverse situation, if your car was taken by someone who has your title to the car and the car should not be missing, then you would want the car back even without a title. People lose car title all the time, that doesn't mean they lose the car just because they lost the title and someone picked it up.

It means that the car was damaged, but was not reported as a salvage title. A PS Title is Pre-Salvage. It is a clean original title on a car that in most cases should have been transferred as a salvage title, but for whatever reason was not.

Sure you can part it out. I have no clue what you mean by sell the Vin and title. You can sell what is left of the car to a salvage yard, but the VIN # & Title stays with the car.

A lien on a car title most typically means that money is still owed on the car. When a person takes out a loan on a car a lien is put on the title until the full repayment of the loan.

you owe somebody money and your car was used as collateral

A car, simple, and one easy to understand and drive

Car has been damaged and rebuilt.

The title covers ownership of the car. If your name is on the title, then normally you would be considered the owner. If a banks name is on the title, then the bank owns the car. Ownership means the car and all the stuff attached to it. It does not mean you own someone else's property just because they left their property in your car.

A pink slip for a car is the title. This shows who owns a vehicle. Without a pink slip, you will be unable to register a vehicle.

Number of owners the car had in it's lifetime

When the owner of a car signs the title, it becomes and open title, and the holder of the title is the owner of the car. When selling a vehicle, the owner should not sign the title until they have the money because if the buyer has possession of the open title and the vehicle, they can clam ownership.

yes you have to have a title for a car

Yes. If his name is on the title then he is the legal owner.

It means that when you go to buy the car from the seller that you can directly get the title from them, you don't have to wait until they mail it to you, after getting it back from the bank if they had a loan on it.

This means that either one of the two individuals on the title can sell or sign over the title to another individual.

The car title proves ownership. You cannot sell a or register a car without a title.

When you go and pay the court to sue the bmv for a car title which you have all the documents to show you payed the required money for the car a judge will grant you a court ordered title

A title that is not clear typically means it has a lien on the car meaning money is owed to someone and the car was used as collateral. It doesn't mean someone didn't sign the title.

You cannot "sell" a car without the title because the title is proof of ownership. Without the title the buyer can't register and insure the car.

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