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The Date of Last Activity is missing, due to an error in data entry or it wasn't available. Probably the former, as the DLA determines when the information is entered.

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Q: What does it mean when no DLA is shown on your credit report?
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How long does credit card debt stay on your credit report?

7 Years from the DLA.

How long does a collection stay on your credit report?

7 years from DLA

Your credit report shows a collection with a DLA of 0502 is this still valid?

If you are responsible for that item, then, yes, it can stay on your credit report--probably indefinitely.

What does the acronym DLA stand for in an equifax credit report?

Date Of Last Activity

How do you remove a judgment from your credit report?

Judgments and other negative information that is valid cannot be removed from a credit report until the required time limit of 7 years (usually from the DLA) has expired. Most judgments are renewable and therefore can be reentered on a credit report and remain an idefinite period of time.

Will paying off a few newer accounts in collections help your credit score or will it hurt by staying on your credit report even longer?

Paying off collection or charge offs is NOT SUPPOSED TO reset the DLA (date of last activity). This is the date that determines how long a derogatory account can show on your credit report. You would need to find out the DLA on your specific accounts and follow up after payment to ensure that they are not re-aged. This would be illegal. Better yet, why not offer to pay for removal from your credit report completely?

How long does it take an unpaid bill to come off your credit?

Charge offs and most other defaulted debts are expunged (or should be) from a credit report seven years after the DLA.

How long does a collection item stay on your credit report?

Typically seven years after the debt is resolved. * Seven years from the date of last activity (DLA) of the account or when the account went into default and became a negative entry on the credit report.

What does DLA mean regarding credit?

You're probably referring to the abbreviation for Date of Last Activity

How long will closed accounts remain on my credit report?

7 years from the DLA for "negative" accounts, and 10 years for accounts "in good standing".

How long does it take to clear credit?

Negative information remains on a credit report for seven years after the DLA. In the case of judgments, they are renewable and can be replaced on a CR at the time of renewal for another seven years.

How long does it take for paid bills to come off of a credit report?

You can review the Fair Credit Reporting Act for particulars, but generally speaking a paid bill will come off of your credit report 7.5 years after Date of Last Activity (DLA). In your case the DLA would be the last date your final payment was applied to the balance, paying it in full. If you are interested, I may be able to help you remove trade lines where the balance was paid in full. Let me know.

What is the difference between Date Reported and Date of Last Activity on a credit report?

The "date reported" or status date, is the date that the listing creditor lasted updated the information on a consumer's credit file. The DLA is the last time the consumer used an account, either by making a charge, making a payment (prior to default), or incurring service. The DLA is the date that triggers the countdown for how long information can show on a credit report and also triggers the statute of limitations (SOL) countdown for how long a consumer can be sued. The status date is the date that affects credit scores.

What is the statute of limitations for credit card debt in Oregon?

6 years from the DLA.

How long is the statute of limitations on a credit card in Colorado?

Three years from the DLA.

What does 'last activity' mean when referring to the statute of limitations on credit reports?

The DLA generally indicates the last time a payment was made or the account was defaulted. The SOL for accounts before 1/98 relates to the DLA itself, SOL for accounts after 1/98 begin when the account is "charged off" (usually 180 days after DLA) and/or sent for collection.

How many times can a debt be reported to your credit report?

Debts will only show on your credit report if it is underwritten by a "subscriber" (anycompany that reports your financial behavior). In this case it will bereported monthly to the credit bureaus. Note thatdebts are reportedto the credit bureaus for seven and a half yearsFROM THE DATE OF LAST ACTIVITY or "DLA".Now PAY ATTENTION - THIS IS IMPORTANT!Let's say your credit report shows a debt thatis five years old since DLA. You decide to "come clean",so you pay the debt in full. By making that payment, you start the 7.5 year clockall over again.The NEW date of last activity is the date your check posted to that account.Had you left it alone,it would probably have dropped off of your CBR (credit bureau report) in 2.5 more years (given there was no one actively pursuing you for payment). Sometimes trying to do the right thing can do more harm than good. Be careful!

What is the statute of limitations for credit card debt in NY?

Six years from the time of DLA.

What does Psalm dla Ciebie mean?

a psalm for you

What is the statute of limitations for a lawsuit for credit card debt in Washington State?

Three years from the DLA (Date of last Activity) shown on the account. An SOL defense can be subject to tolling according to the interpretation and application of existing creditor/debtor laws.

How long do things stay on your credit report?

Negative entries from creditors remain seven years from the DLA. Chapter 7 BKs for ten years, Chapter 11 for seven years. Judgments remain for seven years but can be reentered when if they are renewed.

How do you find the date of last activity on an account on your credit report?

Where to find this information on a credit report unfortunately depends on where you obtained your credit report from since they (credit bureaus, mortgage lenders, etc.,) can all use different formats. However, there should be a column or section under each creditor/credit item listed that shows "Date of Last Activity", "DLA" or "Last Active". The three major bureaus are pretty good about putting this information in a separate column (near or underneath the Date Opened or Last/Date Reported). If all else fails, contact the creditor/collector directly (not the credit bureaus) for the most accurate information about the Date of Last Activity.

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When was DLA Piper created?

DLA Piper was created in 2005.

If negative info can only be reported for seven years how do you find out what the date of last activity means for a personal credit card?

The DLA is usually seen as being the last time a payment was made on the account. The date of last activity is the last time the account in question was paid as agreed immediately prior to its' default. Once a defaulted account is reported to the credit bureaus, the creditor has 90 days to identify the DLA. This date is THE date that triggers the 7 years countdown for its' reporting period and the statute of limitations for how long the consumer may be sued (under state laws). Nothing can legally change this date, even subsequent payment. This date should be identified in some manner on your credit report. If not, write the credit bureaus, quoting from the Fair Credit Reporting Act, and request identification of the DLA on the account in question.