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9zI think it means he or she trusts you.

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Why do sisters yell and be mean?

Try to be the boss of her, ( don't worry this happens to me all the time) It does not matter if she tells on you because you have proof! They yell and be mean because they like to be the boss.

What does it mean when a guy tells you about his personal finances?

Either he's showing off or he trusts you.

What does memior mean?

Memior tells about something that happened in his or her life.

What does it mean when a man tells a woman that she does not have a life?

Maybe she doesn't have a life because she is hanging around him!

What does NL mean in personal ads?

it means no life. :D

What does it mean when your boyfriend tells you he resents you for where he is in his life?

what does it mean when your boyfriend tells you he resents you and breaks up with you. Its means your boyfriend wants to break up with you because something.\ -Fantagecookies

What does it mean if the guy tells all his life to you?

He's probably deprived of companionship.

What does personal narrative mean?

A personal narrative is a writing piece/essay about any event that occurred in your life

What is the significance of too many cooks spoil the broth?

It simply mean that if several people are to discuss, then we might have an argument about it that is not for the better. It is often better to have one boss than several. I am sure one can understand this when one is working at certain places. first boss tells you to sweep the flor. then comes next one and tells you to stop what you are doing and start sorting some bolts instead. then comes boss no 3 and tells you that this can wait, you have to do a delivery right now. on your way out for the delivery, the fourth boss tells you to drop whatever you are doing because he need your help right away for something else. then following this fourth boss you meet the first boss and he asks you Why the hellthe floor isn't swept yet. It is simply a great cause for problems when many people are to decide and there is no top boss to organize things properly. Regards.

I'll let you get on with your with life what does it mean if your boyfriend tells you that. Does that mean he is ending it?

yep. let him get on with his, too. drop him.

What does outlook in life mean?

An outlook on life is just the way one views life; a personal opinion. It is what one thinks of his/her life, and what s/he should do with it. The answer is personal: Your outlook on life is your own opinion of how your life is, and what you think your purpose is. Your answer is the right answer.

What is the business and personnel?

When someone talks about keeping the buisness and personal separate, they mean its a bad idea to have a romantic relationship with a co-worker or boss.

What does 'boss' mean?

Its a person who is like you

When someone tells you that they love you and wants to be with you for the rest of their life how do you know if they mean it?

tell them to say i love you and then if they laugh they don't mean it

What does it mean if someone tells you they mostly thought of you as a friend?

The words mean what they say. You are in the Friend Column, not the Love of My Life Column.

What does phelosophy mean?

Can mean different things such as a doctrine and personal beliefs on life as well as as dealing with situations.

Philosophy at its core meaning?

It can mean the following: - Doctrine - Personal belief about life

What does it mean when your Ex wants you to keep him posted on whats going on with your personal goals in life?

He is interested in your life and thoughts.

What to do if your in love with your boss?

ANSWER:It depends if your boss is not married, yes you are allowed to like him/her even falling in love with person. But and I mean but id this boss of yours is married, stop, look and listen to your conscience because if you pursue this you will help him destroy the family and your life to.

What does it mean when your boyfriend tells you that he is trying to win you from yourself?

It means he is trying to take away your whole life.

What does it mean to delegate authority?

To delegate authority, authority is split up between members of a government or team. For instance, if a boss tells each employee to do a specific task, they are delegating.

What does hypothalamicohypophyseals mean?


What does technision mean?

it mean the boss of everybody the person whos incharge of everything a technision is more a boss then a director

What does the word 'mission' mean?

Frequently used to mean your goal, purpose or objective at your workplace, or in your personal life.

Are old cars boss?

If you mean extremely cool then IMO they are definitely Boss.