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try releasing the brake

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Q: What does it mean when the brake light randomly comes on and off on a 1998 Corolla?
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SRVC brake light comes on?

brake light comes on on the dash

1998 Honda civic E-Brake light comes on while driving it and then randomly goes off Any ideas?

Low brake fluid in the master cylinder

Why don't brake lights turn off on an 89 Toyota Corolla?

Check the brake light switch located under the 1989 Toyota Corolla. If the switch is stuck the parking light will continue to stay on.

Why would the brake system warning light and discharge warning light in the dashboard of a 1990 corolla turn on and how is this fixed Tried everything as the manual explained?

...I have the exact same problem with my 1993 corolla.......Brake System warning light and discharge warning light

Where is the brake light switch located on a 1998 Toyota Corolla?

Usually at the top of the brake pedal. Usually at the top of the brake pedal.

Center brake light replacement 2001 corolla?

The center brake light replacement will require replacing the entire brake light assembly. Remove the wiring harness. Remove the center brake light retaining screws. Reverse the process to install the new center brake light.

Can you install a brake light switch in a 1990 Corolla yourself?

yes, it's located at the top of the brake pedal

What causes brake lights of 1994 Toyota Corolla to remain on?

Defective or mis-adjusted brake light switch

Where is brake light fuse location on 2005 corolla?

The 2005 corolla has two fuse boxes. One is in the engine compartment on the driver's side. The one with the brake light fuse is under the steering wheel and quite difficult to get at.

How do you replace a brake light bulb on a 2003 Toyota Corolla?

They go in from the rear. remove the light assy.

What makes brakes lights stay on 93 Toyota Corolla?

A malfunctioning brake light relay switch will cause your 1993 Toyota Corolla brake lights to stay on all the time. The brake light relay switch is located beneath the drivers side dashboard.

Why does your 1997 Toyota corolla brake light fuse keeps blowing?

It's because you have a short current somewhere. You need to check the brake light wiring.

Why does the parking brake light come on on a 2003 Ford Explorer?

The parking brake light comes on when you engage the parking brake. Pull the parking brake release handle. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- the brake light also comes on if the brake fluid level in the brake master cylinder is low ( in your engine compartment )

Will brake light come on on dash if brake light is out?

The brake light in the dash comes on if the parking brake is engaged or the brake fluid level is low in the brake master cylinder in the engine compartment

What does it mean in a Pontiac grand am when you hit a bump and the brake light comes on but then goes off a few minutes later but then will come on and off every now and then randomly?

Check your brake fluid. The master cylinder has a low level sensor in it.

What does it mean when your emergency brake light keeps coming on but shuts off as well Its for a 2001 Toyota Corolla?

Check your brake fluid level.

What does it mean when the Check Brake Fluid Light comes on?


Why does my 1996 Toyota Corolla start but will not go into gear. And I do not have brake lights eighter?

A brake light switch may be bad if a 1996 Toyota Corolla will not go into gear and the brake lights don't work. Another issue could be in the shift lock solenoid.

What is wrong with your 91 Suburban the brake light comes on intermittently?

Check the brake light switch. It is defective or out of adjustment.

Step on brake light comes on dashboard?

I step on brakes, dashboard light comes on which says stop.

Which fuse corresponds to the brake lights on the 95 Toyota Corolla DX Sedan?

The number 15 fuse will be the brake light fuse in your 1995 Toyota Corolla. The number 15 fuse can be found in the second column, fifth from the top.

Why the brake light on dash go on a 2001 corolla S?

Most probably indicating that your brake pads are almost finished and need to be replaced. Check that, if not check your brake fluid level.

What is the problem if all brake and tail lights on a 93 Corolla work when the lights are NOT switched on but WHEN switched on all brake lights including 3rd brake light stay on with no pedal depress?

i have a 95 corolla that the same thing happened to me all it was, was a really bad couple of bulbs that is usually the cheapest way of trying to fix the problemBrake light on witjkout pushing pedelThere could several reason (1)SHORTAGE IN WIRING or light switch.(2)IT COULD be the brake switch,located behind the brake pedal.

Why does the brake light come on and off on your 1999 explorer?

The brake light in your dash comes on , if the brake fluid level in the brake master cylinder in your engine compartment is LOW , and also if your emergency brake is on

Why does your emergency brake light on the gauge cluster randomly turn on and off anytime your 1995 Ford Explorer is running?

Check the brake fluid level in the brake master cylinder in your engine compartment and see if it is down - that will turn on the light