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the power has been disconnected for too long of a time and the security system on your radio was activated. look in your owner's manual for a keycode to unlock it.

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โˆ™ 2005-01-10 10:56:26
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Q: What does it mean when the display on the radio says lights locked?
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What does HELP mean in the radio display on a Suzuki SX4?

You enter more than 10 times wrong code. Radio is locked.

What does code BAD mean on radio display?

Chiken little

What does mfd mean in car interior lights?

multi function display

What does ERR03 mean on a 1999 acura 2.3 coupe radio display?

Error... I guess...

What does LOC mean on the display of a 2003 Chevy Cavalier factory radio How is it removed?

You have undoubtedly changed batteries or run the battery down. The display LOC means the radio is locked. You will have the insert the proper code to active the radio. If you cannot find the code, contact your GM dealer. Head on over to They charge $4.99 for the code but they got back to me in an hour or so and the code worked perfectly. Better than paying a dealer $40 - $50!

What dose display mean?

IF you mean 'what DOES display mean' - display means 'show'

What does the letters SYS mean on radio display after changing battery?

probably anti theft - need code to reset

What does the flashing red light and key diagram on 2003 Buick rendezvous radio console mean?

It means the radio is locked. You will have to insert the code to unlock the radio. You must have disconnected the battery or the battery ran down.

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What do you mean by 'locked?'

What do Nissan terrano 2 dash display lights mean?

The dash display lights on a Nissan Terrano II can indicate several things. Some indicate oil levels while others indicate an engine problem or some other mechanical failure.

What does 'dashboard' mean as in dashboard in a car?

It's that part in front of the driver with the lights and gauges, radio, glove compartment, etc.

Control display not working after change car radio citroen Picasso?

If u mean steering wheel controls you need a patch lead .

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