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There are two reasons the light can come on. 1) Your car has gone the preset amount of miles and the light has come on automatically to inform you the car should now be looked over by a mechanic for any problems and the light re-set. 2) Your car has a problem and the light has come on to inform you it's sick and needs to be fixed. Either way, you have to take it to a mechanic to find out. He can shut off your light.

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What does the maintenance required light on a 1992 Honda Accord mean?

It is a reminder to do preventative maintenance. It comes on after a required number of mules. Does not mean that there is a problem wirh the vehicle. You can use a key to push in the slots to reset to green.

What does it mean when wrench light comes on your 09 Honda Accord?

Maintenance required. Can mean it needs an oil/filter change or can mean something else. Refer to your owners manual scheduled maintenance guide to see what is needed.

What does it mean when the maintenanace required light comes on in a 2001 Honda accord?

It means that regular maintenance is due at the mileage on the car. Look in your owner's manual to see what maintenance is needed. Can be nothing more than an oil/filter change.

What does 2005 Honda accord have timing belt or timing chain?

The 4 cylinder has a timing chain but the V6 has a timing belt. The belt on the V6 must be replaced at 110,000 miles or 10 years whichever comes first. No maintenance is required on the 4 cylinder chain.

What does it mean when the Maintenance Required light flashes on a 2004 Honda Accord LX?

My guess is that it means there is some maintenance required. The light usually comes at certain milage intervals unless there is a failure somewhere in the engine or related systems. You might go to an AutoZone auto parts store and they will be able to determine the failure code. Some times they can advise you of the necessary replacemment part. Other times you'll just have to go to the Honda dealer.

What does it mean when the maintenance required light comes on?

it means when the maintenance light is on

99 Honda accord coupe manual transmission The maintenance required light blinks when i first start the car. It blinks although every other light in off and it turns off itself and never comes on again?

If you just want the light to just go away and not come on anymore then google how to turn off the maintance required light on your year accord. The same thing happened to me on my 04 accord and I did what was said online and it has not come back on.

Does a 99 Honda Accord coupe have 5 lug rims?

The 1999 Honda accord comes 4 lug and 4 cylinder or 5 lug and 6 cylinder.

What does the checking engine light and maintenance light?

The check engine light comes on when the ECU detects a problem with the emission system. The maintenance required light comes on when some maintenance is required on the vehicle such as an oil/filter change.

How do you remove a radio from a 2001 Honda Accord?

how do i remove the radio out of my 2001 Honda accord 2.oi v tec to replace with a CD player because it comes up coded

How many miles will a 2005 Honda accord ex go after the gaslight comes on?

as far as it can...

Does Honda Accord come in 4wheel or all wheel drive?

Well, I assume that a Honda accord has 4 wheels so i'd say both. But i think a standard accord in the lower price range comes with front wheel drive.

What features does the Honda Accord 2007 have?

The Honda Accord 2007 comes standard with many features, including A/C, power locks, power windows and CD player. It also comes with some standard safety features, such as airbags and ABS brakes.

What does a VSA warning light means on Honda accord?

The VSA warning light on the Honda accord means, Vehicle Stability Assistance. It comes in if it senses your vehicle is not quite as stable as it should be. The VSA adjusts traction.

What does it mean when your 2000 Honda Civic with 32000 miles Maintenance Required Light comes on?

You are supposed to get a 30,000 mile maintenance. So, if you have not, you are past due. Also, make sure the servicer resets the sansor so that the car will recognize that services were performed.

When check engine 1999 Honda accord comes on does gas mileage decrease?

That depends on what the failure is. It could.

When should you change timing belt in Honda Accord 1987?

The cam belt must be replace on the 1987 Honda Accord every 60,000 miles or 10 years whichever comes first. Warning: This is an interference engine.

What does it mean when the maintenance required light comes on in a 2004 Honda accord?

It means that it is time for regular scheduled maintenance to be performed. Normally this means to change the oil, but can be something else, depending on the mileage on your Honda. Open your owner's manual and see what needs to be performed at the mileage now on your Honda. If you do not have one, then reply with your mileage and engine size, and I will tell you what needs to be done. I own a 2004 Accord myself. You can also go to the Honda website and sign up as an Owner. There you can find all you need. Reply if you need more help. BTW, to reset the light, turn the ignition off, push and hold the odometer reset button while at the same time turning the ignition on but not starting the engine. In about 5 seconds the light will reset.

If the brake lamp light is on a 98 Honda Accord what does that mean?

On a 1994 Honda Accord, the brake lamp comes on when a tail light is no longer working. The burned-out bulb needs to be replaced. The brake lamp will not come on after the bulb is replaced.

How do you turn off the maintenance required light on a 2004 Honda Accord?

This'll come in handy for those who do their own oil changes. It > resets that annoying "Maintenace Required" warning light that comes on > at 7,500 miles. Worked on both my 2004 Accord EX and Pilot EX: > 1) With engine turned off, press & hold the mileage reset stem on the > speedometer > 2) Start engine > 3) Wait 10 - 20 secs until light goes off > 4) Release the reset stem

What is the 1988 Honda accord timing belt longevity?

5 years or 60,000 miles, whichever comes first.

Why your 2002 Honda accord the windshield washer flud light comes?

Have you tried filling the wash fluid reservoir?

What mileage do you change timing belt on 2007 Honda accord?

On the V6 you MUST change the belt at 105,000 miles or 10 years whichever comes first. The V6 is an interference engine and serious engine damage will occur if the belt breaks. On the 4 cylinder there is no belt as the cam is driven by a chain. No regular scheduled maintenance is required on the 4 cylinder.

What does service code b124 mean on a 2006 Honda Accord?

The service code b124 on a 2006 Honda Accord means that you have turned off the vehicle stability assist system. If it comes on with the VSA indicator light it suggests that there is a problem with the system.

How many miles before replacing timing belt on a 2006 Honda Accord with 65 thousand miles?

The 4 cylinder 2006 Honda Accord has no timing belt and has a chain instead that normally requires no maintanence. However the V6 Honda Accord has a cam belt that must be replaced every 110,000 miles or 10 years whichever comes first. Warning:The V6 Accord is an interfernce engine.