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You would have to contact the salvage yard and find out as there is no standard for quality assurance in the salvage business.

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Q: What does it mean when they say the engine was tagged for quality assurance at the auto salvage wrecking yard?
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How much oil does a 2.0 4-cylinder sohc 16v smpi engine take the dipstick is missing?

You can check how much oil is required in your owners manual, and you may want to look into a dipstick at a local wrecking yard or salvage yard. What kind of car is this engine in?

Where can you find a body to put your engine in?

The auto salvage yard.

Where can you get an engine for a 1994 Mazda 626?

the local salvage yard. They are also the same engine as the ford probe

Where can you find a motor for your car?

Dealer? Salvage Yard? Engine rebuilder?

What is the salvage value of a 1996 Ford Wind star van with a bad engine?

There is no set value of a salvage vehicle. Value is based on what they offer.

What happens when a water pump goes out on a 1991 Honda Accord?

Engine will overheat. Possibly seizing the pistons and totally wrecking the engine.

Where can you get a engine wiring harness for a 1988 Nissan Pulsar NX?

The best place is to get it from a wrecking yard.

Can you still drive your Kia Sedona without the air cleaner on?

Yes you can, for sure. But, it will wrecking your engine...

How do you know if an engine is good when you buy it at an auto salvage yard and you are a girl that does not have the slightest idea about it?

bring someone along or demand a written warranty after you pay - a bill so you can exchange after answer take a mechanic you trust with you and be guided by him and get a written warranty, altho u do know its not going to be warrantied for much as you are buying from a wrecking yard

What types of engine testing jobs are in the Milwaukee, WI area?

With all the 'find a job' sites it is hard to know which ones are legitimate or not. Here is a great site to get started looking for engine testing jobs:

Will a 91 2.0 Mercury Topaz engine fit in a 96 Ford Escort LX with a 1.9 engine?

Call your local wrecking yard as they have crossover books.

Where can I get an engine wire harness for a 2000 dodge ram with a 5.2L 318 engine and a manual tranny?

Dealer, salvage(junk) yard, EBAY.....

What type of parts would be worthwhile to sell from a salvage truck?

There are alot of parts that would be worthwile to sell from a salvage truck there is the engine if it is in good working order. You could also sell the truck for extra pieces to a salvage yard like the bed of the truck, doors etc.

Getting the Most out of Salvage Trucks?

Salvage trucks can be the best sources of parts and accessories for restoring an older model of truck. Salvage trucks are also great resources when you need to just keep an older truck running as a daily driver. Cosmetic Salvage Parts One of the most valuable uses for salvage trucks is as a way to find original equipment to replace something that has worn out on your old truck. Most salvage trucks are in salvage yards because they were involved in an accident that left them unable to operate normally any longer. These trucks still have all of the interior accessories that the make and model was shipped with. The interior of a salvage truck is generally undamaged because most of the damage happens to the front or rear end during an accident. You can find original interior equipment through salvage for far less than you would spend from a retailer. Engine Details Salvage trucks are not the best places to find rubber engine parts like belts or hoses. They are excellent sources of larger parts that may need to be replaced if you have driven your truck for more than 100,000 miles, however. Most salvage trucks have engine blocks that are in perfect condition. A rebuilt engine that begins with a salvaged engine block can cost as little as half as much as an engine rebuilt from retail stock. Since the truck has probably spent years sitting in the salvage yard, the engine block has driven fewer miles than your truck that has been driven regularly for the past several years. Be Prepared to Pull the Parts Yourself If you plan to use salvage trucks to find the parts you need, you should visit the salvage yard with all of the tools you would need to take the parts off of your truck on your own. Part of the reason salvaged parts and accessories are so inexpensive is because the customer does most of the work of retrieving the parts from the salvage vehicle. Wear clothes that you won’t mind getting dirty. It may be a good idea to bring a friend with you if the part you need is heavy.

Where to buy a new engine for a 1999 Chevrolet Cavalier?

New engine? Dealer. Used engine? Salvage yard. There are also some places that sell rebuilt engines. A Google search is in order.

Where do I find a rebuilt engine for a 1999 Oldsmobile alero?

salvage yard or reman from aftermarket auto parts dealer

Where to find a 1998 Ford Taurus engine oil dipstick?

A ford dealership or a pick and pull salvage yard.

Where can you buy a car without an engine?

Purchasing a vehicle in parts, or for parts can be done at your local junk or salvage yards.

Were can you find a 1987 s10 blazer 4x4 4.3 motor?

A re-manufactured engine can be purchased from your local auto parts store. A used engine can be purchased from your local wrecking yard.

How do you fix a 96 Ford Probe that has a bad crankshaft?

If the rest of the engine is sound, replace it with a crank kit. If the engine itself was in poor shape, it would be best to rebuild the engine, or get one from a salvage yard.

Will lower quality fuel effect my engine?

It will unless you get the engine tunned down for it.

Where can you buy a cheap engine online. Have 150 to blow.?

4.6engine v8 ford explorer how much. Even a good used engine from a wrecking yard will cost more than $150.

Where can you find parts for a BMW n20 engine?

Most auto junkyards salvage usable engine parts. Know your make, model, year, and any other details about your engine and call the local auto junkyards.

How much will an infiniti engine cost?

Call some nearby auto salvage yards. The prices will vary, due to mileage.

Where might one purchase used engine car parts?

Used engine car parts can be at many locations. Salvage yards are always an excellent place to start. A simple phone call to any salvage yard can reveal whether they have the part or not. Other good resources are websites such as Craigslist, Bookoo, and eBay.