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Answer"Taking a break" could mean that this is a permanent breakup. Some people do not have the guts to come right out and speak the truth.

THE OPTIMISTIC POINT OF VIEW: If this was a serious relationship of a year or more, then you will have to trust their words to some degree. Give them their space and respect their wishes. Maybe they just have some personal growing to do before they can commit. Absolutely under no circumstances should you call them, contact them, cry to them, or beg them to get back together. This only makes things worse and prolongs your heartache. They will be so annoyed and only thinking negative thoughts rather than missing you. They have to realize it for themselves with no persuasion on your behalf.

Otherwise, if you do get back together with your ex, they will have the ultimate power over you. You will be relieved that you are back together. However, after some time, you will feel like they are only with you because you forced them, and they will end up resenting you for that. This will cause major problems and fights. Believe me; you do not want to feel this way. Ultimately, you will want to be with someone who truly wants to be with you, and you should not compromise that feeling for no one. The best thing to do is to be strong. Improve yourself physically, intellectually, and mentally. Even if you don't end up getting back with your ex, you will be a better person. This relationship could be a stepping-stone and a learning experience to prepare yourself for the one you are truly supposed to be with, even if that person is your ex.

Sometimes people need to experience life on their own and realize that the grass is not always greener on the other side. I do believe that people get back together. However, you need to give it a sufficient amount of time. And this does not mean two weeks because within that time you are only thinking about the breakup. Sometimes it could take months. If a lot of fighting occurred, you will want to begin again on a clean slate and get rid of all the built up anger inside.

If and when they come back around, do not make it easy for them to walk back into your life. If you do not feel strong enough to do this, then you will need to keep your distance until you truly feel you are able to resist them. You need them to chase you. If they love you, they won�t give up. Re-enter with a clear mind so that you can make rational decisions. Without this levelheaded state of mind, you will find yourself back in a downward spiral all over again. Just take your time and be careful. It will be hard, but this may be the only way to save your relationship. Nonetheless, if nothing progresses after six months, let it go.

The point of my response is to give the person the benefit of doubt, do not lose hope too quickly, and remember, �Everything happens for a reason.�

Answer"Taking a break" means he wants to break up with you. It doesn't feel good to hear that, but it is the truth.

It's best for YOU to assume that the break up is permanent and that you won't ever date him again. It's hard to get on with you life if you keep hoping he'll change his mind, because often that doesn't happen. Even if he did, the problems that caused you two to break up will resurface again.

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Q: What does it mean when your boyfriend tells you he wants to take a break and how long will it take for him to come back?
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What does it mean when you just break up and your boyfriend tells you to call him?

Well it might either mean he wants to talk to you about why you two broke up, or maybe he wants to get back together with you.

How do you know when your boyfriend wants to be back with you when you guys are on a break?

* He will call you up to your mobile. * try to talk to you. * help you in prolems. * do everything for you. * these are the ways when your boyfriend wants to be back to you.

How do you get back with your boyfriend when he wants a break?

well tell him you really like him and if he still does want to break try to make him jealous

How do you get your ex boyfriend back after a break up?

Wait a while, then make him realise what he misses! HE WANTS WHAT HE CAN'T HAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ive been with your boyfriend 10yrs and he says he need a break but doesnt know if he wants you back what do you do?

girl forget him have fun while on that break

Why does your ex boyfriend keeps on coming back after break up but he already have new girlfriend?

he wants to have sex with both of you

What should you tell your boyfriend after he tells you hes ex girlfriends wants him back?

Just ask about his ex but dont ask too much. And see if he really wants you or her

What does it mean when your girlfriend tells you she wants a break for a couple months?

"Wants a break" means she wants to break up and be free to date others while you can do the same. "For a couple of months" means if things don't work out while playing the field, you can get back together later.

When a guy you break up with asks to be good friends but tells your friend he loves you what does he mean?

I'm guessing he wants you back.

What to do when ex boyfriend wants you back and tells you for the first time ever that he loves you?

remember why you broke up and think wether or not he is a good bf or not

What to do if your in love with a boyfriend who dumped you for another girl but now wants me back?

Find another boyfriend. He dumps you then wants you back. you can do better than that.

How can you tell if your boyfriend wants you back after you guys break up?

If he says "I want to go out with you again." or "I'm sorry can we try again?" Try not to misinterpret any signs. If he wants you back, he'll say so.

Why does your ex-boyfriend text you?

Maybe he isn't over you yet. He wants to try and get you back. Or that he wants to be friends and is just trying to make the peace, escpecially if you had a bad break up.

How to get my boyfriend back?

how did you break up

When your boyfriend tells you that he wants to take a break to see if he really loves you when everything seemed ok after is there any chance he will come back?

sorry that was ment to say "When your boyfreind tells you that he wants to take a break to see if he really loves you when everything seemed ok is there any chance he will come back?" yes, this guy is using the same words i've said myself. he wants to try new things and see if life is better single, he will be back at your door after a few lonely nights. the girl i spoke those same words to is now my wife of 15 years and mother of my two children.

What does it mean if your boyfriend 20 years old wants to take a break?

I'm sorry to tell you, your boyfriend is trying to break-up with you. He is either trying to let you down easy, or he is trying to keep you available to get back together with if he gets lonely.

What should you say when your ex boyfriend wants you back?

Well if he really means it well ask him first why did he break up with you in the first place

What do you do when your ex girlfriend who recently broke up with you and goes back to her ex boyfriend but then tells you she wants to be with you?

There are plenty of possible answers. One of mine favourite is: go to hell.

Me and a girl went out for a few months and she broke up with me. we are still friends and have been hanging out a lot lately. how do i know if she wants to get back together?

I think she really wants to get back because most of the girls, who break up with their boyfriend, do not want to see him again. However, you should ask her for sure. You have nothing to lose I think she really wants to get back because most of the girls, who break up with their boyfriend, do not want to see him again. However, you should ask her for sure. You have nothing to lose

How do you know when an ex-boyfriend wants you back?

He says, "I want you back."

Your ex boyfriend trying to break your relationship with your boyfriend?

It means that he's in love with you, and that he'd do anything to be with you again, if you really love him you should take him back. he's sorry that's the only reason he'd try to break it up he just wants another chance.

What do you do if your boyfriend yells at you?

fight back or break up with him

Can you get your boyfriend back if he wants to be free?

if he wants to be free it normally means no i am so so sorry.

Why is Ex Boyfriend saying I love you?

Ex boyfriend is saying that to prove that he loves you. This is the case because he is remembering you and wants you back. If he did not want you back he would not have saved this.

What does it mean when an ex boyfriend keeps in touch right after a break up but does not talk about getting back together?

It means that he just wants to be friends for awhile. But it doesn't mean he never wants to get back together again. You will just have to give him some time to be alone.