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HeyKen==If the squeek is at the steering wheel, it can be the horn comtact. If it squeeks underneath the car, it is the turn stops on the front wheeels. GoodluckJoe

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Q: What does it mean when your car squeaks when the wheel rotates to a certain point?
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How does a wheel and axle systems work?

The wheel and axle rotates around a fixed point.

What is the answer to a wheel and axle?

There is no specific answer to a wheel and axle. A wheel and axle is actually defined as a lever that spins. Generally, the wheel rotates around the axle for the proper usage of certain machines.

Your right wheel squeaks when driving not when applying the breaks any ideas?

Worn or Dirty Wheel Bearing

What is the shaft upon which a wheel rotates?


What is a wheel or axle?

A wheel is a round device that is fitted with a tire. The wheel rotates on the hub attached to the axle.

What is making your front left wheel squeak It squeaks no matter the speed?

The brake shoes may be about worn out. The wheel bearings need grease

What is the best wheel to axle ratio with the best distance?

A wheel and axle is a lever that rotates in a circle around a center point of fulcrum.The larger wheel (or outside) rotates around the smaller wheel (axle).Bicycle wheels,ferris wheels and gears are all examples of a wheel and axle.Wheels can also have a solid shaft with the center core as the axle such as screwdriver or drill bit or the log in a log rolling contest.

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This my good friend is an axle

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98 ford explorer sport front end squeaks when turning steering wheel?

Ball joints.

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