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What does it mean when your car squeaks when the wheel rotates to a certain point?

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HeyKen==If the squeek is at the steering wheel, it can be the horn comtact. If it squeeks underneath the car, it is the turn stops on the front wheeels. GoodluckJoe

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How does a wheel and axle systems work?

The wheel and axle rotates around a fixed point.

What is the best wheel to axle ratio with the best distance?

A wheel and axle is a lever that rotates in a circle around a center point of fulcrum.The larger wheel (or outside) rotates around the smaller wheel (axle).Bicycle wheels,ferris wheels and gears are all examples of a wheel and axle.Wheels can also have a solid shaft with the center core as the axle such as screwdriver or drill bit or the log in a log rolling contest.

What is a wheel or axle?

A wheel is a round device that is fitted with a tire. The wheel rotates on the hub attached to the axle.

What is making your front left wheel squeak It squeaks no matter the speed?

The brake shoes may be about worn out. The wheel bearings need grease

What planet has rings and rotates like a ferris wheel?

What planet has rings and rotates like a Ferris Wheel? I have only a simple one word answer to that question. Uranus.

How does water wheel work?

The water runs into cups and the wheel rotates under the weight of it

What is an example of an object that rotates?

A wheel or the blades of a fan.

What is the shaft of which a wheel rotates?

This my good friend is an axle

98 ford explorer sport front end squeaks when turning steering wheel?

Ball joints.

What is the definition of wheel and axle?

A wheel is a round device to roll a vehicle on. The wheel rotates around the axle which is fixed to the vehicle.

Yamaha 350 Big Bear 4x4 that has a tapping sound in the left front wheel area sometimes it squeaks any idea what this may be?

wheel bearing

What is the definition for axis of rotation?

A centre around which a wheel rotates.

What does earth's axis consists?

The Earth's axis is an imaginary line passing through the north and south poles. It is like an axle is to a wheel. The Earth rotates on this axis like the wheel rotates on its axle.

Your jeep jerks and squeaks when you turn corners 1993 grand Cherokee jeep?

This will happen if the 4 wheel drive is engaged.

Is a turbine a large wheel that rotates when pushed by water wind or steam?

Yes, a turbine is a large wheel that rotates when pushed by water, wind, or steam. It is connected to the dynamo (alternator) that generates electric power.

Why the egg beater is wheel and axle?

The handle of an egg beater is the axle, it turns a wheel, which in turn rotates the beaters.

Is an egg beater a wheel and axle?

The handle of an egg beater is the axle, it turns a wheel, which in turn rotates the beaters.

1997 Plymouth Breeze squeaks in the steering wheel and the car itself squeaks over the front end while driving down the road over bumps. What does it look like I should do?

have the front swaybar links replaced

What does it mean when my 91 miata squeaks while driving and turning the wheel?

Maybe a bearing is going, a balljoint, or maybe your brakes are catching.

Why does 1994 Grand Marquis front left wheel squeaks every time the suspension moves up and down?

No one cares!

Why is a flywheel called a flywheel?

Because it is a wheel which flies or rotates about a fixed axis.

If a bicycles wheel is 84.78 in for the perimeter how far will it go if it rotates once?


Why do you have to know the circumference of your bicycles wheel in order to set a cyclometer?

A larger diameter wheel rotates a fewer number of times to cover the same distance as a smaller wheel.

What is a hub on a bike?

The hub is the center part of the wheel, the part that rotates around the axle.

What does a magnetic compass do?

It uses a magnetic needle to point to the earth's magnetic North Pole. The only other type of compass used is a gyro-compass. This uses a wheel which rotates parallel with the earth's rotation.