What does it mean when your dog's stool looks like he ate some paper with some discharge?

Take a solid dog poop (if not solid take a stick and scrape some up) put it in a clean small bottle, put masking tape around the bottle with the date... time...name of dog (and your last name) and take it into the vets to be checked out. This is less traumatic for the dog and also less cost to you. It sounds like your dog could have flat tape worms, and it's best to get the stool sample checked as soon as possible. If your dog does have worms be sure to go out in the dog's run or backyard and clean all the poop up, then take the hose with a solution of Safer's soap (it's a hard soap that you can wittle off and put into warm water, shake and it's good for natural protection against bugs on plants, but will also disinfect the area where your dog has gone to the bathroom. If you have other dogs or a cat, also give them the same worm medication your vet will give you. Good luck Marcy