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What does it mean when your mortgage company says your taxes have been impounded?

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This means that the mortgage company has included your taxes as part of your monthly payment. They take a portion of your payment every month, hold it in an account called an escrow account, and then disburse it according to the requirements of the county that your property resides in.

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What can a mortgage company do if mortgage had not been paid in 4 years?

What can a mortgage company do if mortgage has not been paid in 4 years

What is Abbey Mortgage used for?

Abbey Mortgage is a business located in Ocala, Florida. The company specializes in offering mortgage loans in the state of Florida. The company has been in business for 15 years.

How can you find out if your car has been impounded?

Call 911 to report the car stolen. If it has been repo'd or impounded they will tell you.

How long has the mortgage company Nationwide been in operation?

The mortgage company Nationwide has been in operation under various guises since 1846. Nationwide are the forth largest mortgage lender in the United Kingdom and hold a steady place in the market.

Can you get your stuff out of a vehicle that has been impounded?

Depends. If it's held by a third party company, you may be able to collect personal items out of the vehicle - for a fee. You need to contact the department which had your vehicle impounded to find out precisely what can be done for you.

Why should you sue a mortgage company?

There are many reasons why you would sue your mortgage company. Each reason would be because the mortgage company wronged you in some way (for example, not putting enough of your monthly payment toward principal). If you feel you have been wronged by your mortgage company, please contact your state attorney generals office.

Should you sue a title company for not paying your mortgage balance at closing which caused your house to go into foreclosure?

Notice should have been given to the homeowner by the mortgageholder letting them know that the balance on the mortgage had not been paid. At that point the title company could have been contacted and the matter should have been cleared up before the mortgage holder could finalize foreclosure proceedings. Therefore, I do not believe that the title company could have caused a mortgage foreclosure.

What type of company is WR Starkey Mortgage?

WR Starkey Mortgage is a mortgage company that offers FHA loans, Jumbo loans and the VA loan program. They have been operating since March of 2000 and their headquarters are in Plano, Texas.

What does it mean that the mortgage company released the lien on your property?

It means that the lender recorded a notice in the land records that the mortgage has been paid. That notice releases the property from the mortgage lien.

How do you get a letter from your previous mortgage company stating you no longer hold responsibility of property due to foreclosure?

You should receive a letter from the mortgage company stating that mortgage lien is released when the house is sold or auctioned off. This does not mean that you no longer have an obligation unless the mortgage company sold the house for an amount that would cover your total balance including all collection costs and any other costs, like real estate taxes, utilities etc. that were incurred. If the mortgage company did not have a deficit balance left, you should have no trouble getting such a letter, but if there is a balance due, the letter may state something to the effect that the property has been sold but a deficit balance of a certain amount of money is due.

What does the company ASC Mortgage do?

ASC stands for American Servicing Company and is part of the Welles Fargo Company. They do not offer any mortgages themselves but merely service mortgages that had been provided by other companies. Clients would only go to ASC Mortgage if they needed to refinance, remortgage or restructure therir mortgage.

If your mortgage arrears were included in Chapter 13 and when you refinanced you had to pay the arrears to the mortgage company and also to the trustee do you get this money back and if so how?

Your trustee is the only person who can advise you. However, it has been my experience (mortgage lending) that you must first obtain the trustee's permission to refinance and I believe the full amount is always due to the mortgage company.

Where can you find emc mortgage in Missouri?

There may not be an EMC Mortgage in Missouri. The company has been involved in a lot of controversy, and it wouldn't be a good idea to bank through them anyways. Consider a mortgage through a local bank.

My sons have been making the mortgage payments the last 6 months based on the loss of my business I want sell the house to them at the value price of the home not my mortgage amount how do I do this?

Contact your mortgage company about doing a "short sale".

What is the statute of limitations on a mortgage payment in Georgia if it's a second mortgage and payment hasn't been made in 5 years?

The mortgage company will have filed a lien against the property in the loan documents. It will have to be resolved when the property is sold.

Can you collect unemployment when your own company files bankruptcy?

So long as your company has been paying unemplyment taxes to the state.

Is ameriquest mortgage company a reputable company?

Ameriquest Mortgage company has been in the industry since 1979. But there is recent allegations and reports of fraud and various other bad deeds done. has more information regarding allegations of fraud and etc.

Where do you go to get your car back?

Your car has obviously been towed away and impounded so you are going to have to find out what towing company took it. If you have been in an accident then it's in a police impound. May not be in a police impound unless they are doing an investigation which requires it to be impounded. It depends on where it is. Was it repossessed? Was it left on the side of the road? Was it parked in a no parking zone? Was it parked in a reserved spot?

How do you deduct property tax payments in the year you bought property?

Like anything else, you apply the appropriate amount on the appropriate schedule when you file your tax return.There are four types of deductible nonbusiness taxes:State, local and foreign income taxes;Real estate taxes;Personal property taxes; andState and local sales taxes.To be deductible, the tax must be imposed on you and must have been paid during your tax year. However, tables are available to determine your state and local general sales tax amount. Refer to Form 1040 Instructions for more information. Taxes may be claimed only as an itemized deduction on Form 1040, Schedule A.Note it is the amount paid...not the amount that may have been charged. If your taxes are part of your mortgage, the amount the mortgage company estimates and charges monthly is different than the amount actually paid in that year. However, all you need to know about any taxes or interest charges will be provided by the mortgage company at the end of the year. Just use those values on your return. (If you use any of the popular tax return softwares, just follow the questions and answers....and if not...this is a great time to start)!.

Do you qualify for unemployment compensation if the company goes out of business?

Yes, if the company was not an exempt one and had been paying payroll taxes to the state.

How can you get a copy of my 2009 mortgage interest statement?

Call your mortgage company and ask them for the 1098 Form, which should have been sent to your address back in January/February. The 1098 Form will have this information for you to claim the mortgage interest tax deduction with the IRS.

How can one obtain a no interest mortgage loan?

You may be able to obtain a no interest mortgage loan by visiting the Federal Housing Finance Agency website. The FHFA have been thinking about offering no interest only mortgage plans, which currently no company does.

Where can I go online to find out if my mortgage company has been suspected of mortgage fraud?

The Better Business Bureau ( has a "Check out a Business or Charity" service. Start there. (You can also file complaints.)

How can i find a car if it was impounded and don't know the towing company? was impounded by the city or state for moving / non-moving violations. try calling the local PD. The tow could have been ordered by a bank/finance company if the loan payments are in arrears. The tow might have been ordered by a property owner if you park on their property without permission. Towing companies are obliged to inform the local police that they have towed or will tow a vehicle. Otherwise it looks like they are stealing the vehicle.

What is unpaid mortgages?

An Unpaid mortgage is a mortgage that has not been paid