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What does it mean when your wife of 7 years says that she loves you but is not in love with you?


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Problem is routine life style.. When you get too comfortable with marriage, you tend to drift away from what made her fall in love with you in the first place. Women crave that attention, love, romance, and suprises from their man! Try to think of the first time you guys went out on a date.. Think of the things you did to make her fall in love with you... Now, how often do you do things to impress her? Good luck! The above poster gave you excellent advice. How about planning a special romantic holiday together! Most wives complain their husbands ignore them, treat them like an old slipper, don't listen to them and aren't romantic enough. All of us good through dry spots in our marriage, but it can be fixed. You want her ... fight to keep her! Talk to her about where she would like to go on a holiday and do it.


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When someone says he loves you and they mean it, it is proper to say "I love you too back" and you should mean it too. Love is give and take.

i a guy friend says that he loves u then later says that he does not then he is just playing with your emotions

It means that he/she truly loves you and no matter how you are or how you look like, he/she loves you anyways.

If a guy tells you he loves you while making love, doesn't mean he actually loves you. hes just saying that since your pleasuring him. but it depends sometimes

It means they love you in the way that they are capable of loving. Everyone loves in their own way! As long as he or she loves you and shows you love, that is what is important. Be happy someone loves you!

It could mean that he loves you, but it is more likely that he just wants to have sex with you.

It means he probably doesn't love you but wants to get in your pants so... yeah he loves you! :P

"i'm falling for you" That means he is FALLING IN LOVE WITH YOU!!!!

It means he loves you more than he says he does!

it means that a Korean guy is telling you he loves you.

that he is lying to her because she probably loves him and he feels obligated to say he loves her

When a guy says i love u or im in love with u its empty words he just wants intimate relationship

If Aliyah says she loves you you should think DO I LOVE HER and if you do tell her that you do.

When an ex-husband says 'love never dies', it usually means he still loves you, and always will love you, even if you don't love him.

she wants to be your friend, and that's it. nothing else.

that means he loves or hates you still he might love you!

it means that he wants to be with you forever and he loves you, and you are the love of his life!

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