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1. Title Company = Actual insurance company ie: Underwriter

2. Title Agency = Agent of the Title Company providing title insurance products and escrow/settlement services.

A title COMPANY is highly regulated by state law in any state. Contact the Texas Department of Insurance as follows:

Texas Department of Insurance Title Division (MC 106-2T) P.O. Box 149104 Austin, Texas 78714-9104 Fax: 512-305-7426

To open an AGENCY, you must obtain an Abstracting Plant, which is very costly. The Texas Underwriting Manual can be found at:

The Rate Manual can be found at:

Additionally, contact the Texas DOI for additional licensing requirements:

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Q: What does it take to open a title company in Texas?
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How do you title a California title car in Texas?

take the car to Texas and register it there

How do I transfer a mobile home title in Texas?

Take your documents to the Texas DMV.

How long to receive car title in Texas?

It take about 2 weeks to get the title of the car

How long does it take to mail a title to Killeen Texas?

Check your answer

Can a lien company take you to court for failure to produce car title?

No, the lien company files papers with the courts and can get the title without you.

How long does it take to get a car title in Texas?

It takes about 2 to 6 weeks.

Can you buy a new car in Texas not get a title in Texas move right away to Forida and get the title in Florida?

Yes if you take the MSO that you get with a New vehicle you can title that in any state. There may be an issue with Taxes so be sure to keep any receipts to prove you Did taxes in Texas.

How long does it take to receive the title from a finance?

Contact the finance company for that information.

What does it take to open a title agency in OHIO as far as the money and details involved?

I would like to know how much money and what paper work do you need to open a title office

Can an online payday loan company take you to court for nonpayment in Texas?

Yes. A payday loan company may sue a borrower in Texas in order to get their money back.

How do you open the door in the goldenrod radio tower?

go take a poe in texas.

Can a loan company that has a lean on your title to your car just comae and take your car?


I need to remove my finance company's name from title. I want my CA paper title to read my name only and not company name?

You need to take the release form and the title to the DMV. They will issue you a new title without the finance company on it. They will NOT do this until / unless you have the signed title and a release from the finance company / legal owner. The process costs only a few dollars.

What do you need to do to a title before you send it to an insurance company?

Nothing. In fact, they don't require a copy of the title. I recently got my pink slip and called my insurance and had them take off the loan company. That was it .

Where can you take scaffold safety training courses in Texas?

OHSHA is the company that adminsters these tests, and is in charge of the qualifications. You can take this test at OHSHA headquarters which is located in Houston Texas.

Can a payday loan company take you to court in Texas?

Yes, a pay day loan company can definitely take you to court in Texas. If you do not pay them back and on time, you will receive a notice from collections. If you still do not pay them back, you will receive a court notice.

What are duties of a title company?

A title company helps sellers transfer titles and they help buyers take possession of titles. They are responsible for making sure the sale proceeds in a legal way and do a lot of the paperwork.

Can finance company repossess a boat if the title was sent to me?

Of course they can. The title probably shows a lien on the boat. Until you pay in full, they can take the boat back.

What steps can you take to make sure a computer in a company can browse a site using a URL?

A company computer should have the privileges to open a URL. It should be there to open a webpage on the system.

Can wages be garnished if you live in Texas?

No Texas does not allow wages to be garnished, however the person or company can get a judgment against you and take the money from your bank account.

Can the Title Loan company repo your car when you have a title that says there is no lien holder?

depending on the motor vehicle laws of your state but in the state of Arizona where i am from if you have the title in your name with no lien holder you are the rightful owner of the vehicle and nobody has authority to take it away unless you have signed a power of attorney and a title and registration application adding the finance company to your title.

What is the cost of title insurance on a 100000 sale?

== == Title insurance cost differ from state to state, and the full question to be evaluated should be, what is the title insurance and title-related closing costs on a sale. Shop for your title company, compare the title insurance rate and fees. Find out every item they plan to charge you for, and compare them to several title companies. Be sure to do at the beginning of the transaction and don't let your realtor or broker pick the title insurance company for you. Its your choice, not theirs. Be sure to to remember that you may be entitled to certain credits depending on when you intially purchased the property, and even more of when you are refinancing. Don't forget to take control of your own transaction and compare title companies if you are refinancing too! There is usually a cost to both the seller and the buyer, and it varies from title company to title company. You have to have it. Occasionally, if the title search was done by the title company for the previous transaction, there may be a price break.

Why might a company move its production factory from Texas to Mexico?

To take advantage of lower labor costs

Can you take a car out of the auto pound if you have not change the title in Texas?

Yes ask them for a hold harmless form. Have it notarized and there should be no problems

What steps do I take to get a clear title?

You would need to do a title search - this can be done by a title company or by a paralegal or attorney who does this type of thing on a daily basis. You can do it yourself but if a title company does it they will give you the official insurable information you need. There must be no judgments or liens against the property for there to be clear title. If there are judgments or liens, those must be satisfied prior to being able to sell a piece of propoerty.