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Sounds like an ignition problem. Does it happen more when it's damp out? If so, replace the ignition wires, and distributor cap.

yes ignition , next i would check distributor timing and next timing belt depending on year and how many miles on this car you may need to replace the timing belt ..... greasy monkey

check your gaz filter or the right elect. curent at the fuel pump...


How about a simple tuneup. If not a tune up replace some spark pulgs do you get any error coed chekc engine light on? if you go to autozone they will tell you what your codes are that might help you out

AutoZone only does the test for 1996 and up

I had that problem with my alero and it was a transmission problem. I took it to the dealer and they fixed it in a day--Thank God it was still under warranty!

it might be your ignetion or your fuel filter

My mom has had this problem in her 93 Lexus ES300, and it was because there was a crack in the air intake past the O2 sensor, so the engine was taking in more air than what was read by the sensor. One of the engine mounts were broken, causing the engine to move from torque during acceleration. This motion repeatedly twisted the intake until it cracked.

The main causes that make the engin jerking during acceleration was low supply of fuel to the combustion is due to a choked fuel filter.

Check your tps Throtlle position sensor it might be going out my jeep does the same thing to do that hook up a diagnotic or take the plug out and put it back in it might not be getting a good enough connection it is located on the opposite side of the accelerator cable lines

My car does that to but mostly when I stop suddenly then try to take off again. It could be something with the Transmission Fluid, check your levels.

My son's 97 S-10 PU had terrible jerking and it was the Universal Joint.

I have found the solution to this problem:one of the oxygen sensor,the one in the exhaust just after the manifold showed high voltage . in fact it should be changed evrey 85,000 km or when it fails as in my case. my jeep is a 1997 4.0 L model. but to be on the safe side the mechanic changed the second sensor at the catalictic convertor as well. when this problem occured the engine only works with three pistons .

I had this problem. The wire kit for my spark plugs need replacing. my engine was miss firing.i got the wire kit replaced(40Canadian) and 4 new spark plugs (60 Canadian)and this solved the problem

-I had this problem with my 01 jeep Cherokee. My solution was my crank position sensor. Automatic Transmission.

Same thing happend with my 96 civic hatchback. Manual Transmission.

Its almost always an ignition problem but can be a drive train problem, ie clutch, u joint, cv joints, transmission. i would check/replace spark plugs, fuel filter, and check carefully for fuel leaks or blockages (kinked hose etc). I would also check the vacuum hoses to make sure they are all on, and if a manual choke, make sure the choke isn't pulled out or electric (if carburated car) make sure its not stuck.

As the others have answered, hopefully a good tuneup and not transmission problems. I would take it to a shop and have do an engine analysis. You could spend a fortune changing parts that contribute nothing to the solution.

its jerkin while u r acceleratin or when u go to accelerate if it does it while accelarating check ur wheals the might b off balance if it does it when u go to accelarate ur transmission is goin bad

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Q: What does jerking during acceleration mean?
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Could be as simple as needing a good tune up including spark plugs, ignition wires, distributor cap, rotor, fuel and air filters.

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