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What does looser mean in English?


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Looser has two meanings.

1) 'not as tight'

to loosen something, to make it less tight.

2) a Looser, as in some one who has not won, usually used as an insult. are you a looser you are not right and you dingdong are so not cool

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Literally "What is happening, heart?" A little looser tranlation would be "What's wrong, dear?"

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Peace is the English equivalent of 'pax'. A looser translation may be 'calm, quiet, serenity' when this feminine gender noun is used in the genitive case of possession. Another looser translation may be 'with good leave' when the noun is used in the ablative case, as the object of a preposition. Still another looser translation is 'grace' when the noun is used in regard to the Roman gods.

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The opposite of looser (less loose) could be tighter, or stricter.

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