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What does oil around the muffler mean?


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2005-12-27 06:20:58
2005-12-27 06:20:58

Your engines blown! 0.0 oh dear. You engine is burning oil. Not good. Get her to a shop.


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THATS usally cause by the engine using oil-because of bad oil rings etc.

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To change the muffler or exhaust in a Chevy Venture, jack up the vehicle and locate the muffler. Spray penetrating oil on the nuts and loosen muffler clamps. Replace with new.

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You have to much oil in your fuel/oil mix

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The 'inlet' on a muffler refers to the side in which the exhaust gasses from the manifold enter the muffler. The outlet is the side that the gasses exit out to the tail pipe/s.

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