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The phrase "para tu familia también" means ""for your family, too".

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If you mean tu tambien, then it's: you too

Are you very special to me too....?

"Tu tambien" means "You too" or You also."Example:person 1: "Que tengas un buen dia." (Hope you have a nice day.)person 2: "Gracias, tu tambien." (thanks, you too)Tu tambien in Spanish means you too in English

"Tu tambien" translates as "you too" or "you also".

si, tu tambien si, tu tambien

"Para tu amiga" means "for your friend (who is a girl)"

"Siempre para tu" needs an ending. For example, "siempre para tu libro" is "always for your book". Siempre para ti is "always for you". Which one do you mean? take your pick.

"Me amas tu tambien?" means "Do you also love me?" or "Do you love me, too?"

tu eres linda tambien means you are beautiful, too

Well para probably means "for" and tú means "you" but you should say "para tí" unless you missed the last word and it's "para tu madre" which would mean "for your mother."

Thank you and you too Thank you and to you as well

Tu quiere ir para escuela = You wanna go to the school.

te amo y tu familia tambien, perhaps should be: te amo a ti, igual a tu familia. Roughly speaking: I love you and your family, or, I love you and your family also.

Translation: "And you also?"

Tu tambien (informal) Usted tambien (formal) = You too

Confusing wordage for the question - in no way grammatically correct. If the question is "Te amo a ti tambien" the translation is "I love you ,too". If the question is "Me amas tu tambien?", the translation is "Do you love me, too?".

well it would be said "tu tambien hablas espanol dulce, yo hablo espanol tambien te amo"which translates to " you also speak spanish sweetie, i speak spanish too. i love you.

yo soy tu hermana para siempre means: I am your sister forever.

Italian - With love for you.

You are everything to me.

para tu familia = for your family

what does mi corazon mean

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