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What does ratification mean?

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To sign or give formal constant to making it officialy valid

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What does article 7 mean in the constitution?


What does ratification dates mean?

Usually having to do with laws or constitution-type articles. Ratification means it was changed or updated. So, "ratification dates" means "when" it was changed or updated.

What does the term ratification mean?

Ratification is a formal process to approve something, like a course of action, new law, etc.

Did Benjamin Franklin opposed the ratification of the Constitution?

No I mean yes

Does ratify mean to agree?

Yes, but ratification requires a voting process.

What is the significance of ratification?

what is the significance of ratification

What is A sentence with ratification?

The ratification of the treaty was delayed.

What party names were given to those who favored ratification and to those who opposed ratification of the us constitution?

Ratification- Federalist Anti-ratification- anti-federalist

Who was for ratification of the constitution?

Federalists were for ratification. Antifederlists werent.

What is the definition of ratification?

Ratification is the approval of an act. This is a formal expression of confirmation of support, such as the ratification of the Constitution of the United States.

What are the essays urging the ratification during the ratification debates?

The st

What were the Federalist and Antifederalist positions on the ratification of the constitution?

The Federalists supported the Ratification of the Constitution and the Antifederalists urged the Ratification Conventions not to Ratify the Constitution.

How long did the ratification take?

Can You tell my son How long did the ratification take ?

What do you call a federalist that is against the ratification of the US Constitution?

Federalists were for the ratification of the Constitution. Those who opposed such ratification were called Anti-Federalists or Confederalists.

The battle over ratification of the Constitution was fought chiefly by what two opposing groups?

The Federalists, who were for the ratification of the Constitution, and the Anti-federalists, who were against the ratification.

When as the ratification of the constitution signed?

The ratification of the constitution was signed on May 29, 1790. The ratification process had began three years earlier in Rhode Island.

A example of ratification?

Ratification refers to the formal confirmation of an agreement that was signed by the confirming party itself. An example is the ratification of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

What does it mean to ratifty the constitution?

The ratification of the constitution was when the delegates of the contenental congress signed it, thus making it official law.

What is a sentence using the word ratification?

We had to get ratification from the city before a new playground could be built. Amendments to the US Constitution require ratification by the individual states.

What were the federalist reason for supporting ratification?

The federalists reason for supporting ratification for protection from Shay like uprisings. They also wanted to have opportunities the ratification would afford to them.

What are some synonyms of the word 'ratification'?

Some synonyms of the word 'ratification' are declaration, confirmation, and statement. These are just a few of the better examples of synonyms for this word.

What does article v of the constitution mean?

Article V is the process whereby amendments to the Constitution can be proposed and ratified. There are two methods of proposal by Congress or by Article V Convention. Ratification is either by state legislatures or state ratification conventions.

Which two groups fought over ratification?

Federalists And Antifederalists Fought Over The Ratification

Use ratification in a sentence?

After many months and many negotiations, the ratification of the treaty was accomplished.

Who supported ratification of the Constitution?

The federalists was one of the ones who supported the ratification of the Constitution