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What does siddhartha gautama mean?

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November 19, 2011 6:31PM

As far as i know Gautama Siddartha or vice versa is also known

as Budha Gautama or the Enlightened One. He introduced Budhism (not

Zen Budhism) after he reached enlightenment. He left a life OS

luxury and splendor at the age of thrity. He also taught his

disciples about his beliefs (The FOur Noble Truths)

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Maharshi Gouthama was an ancient seer of India. His name means

"victorious on earth". Families who originated from him adopt his

name as their surname. Siddhartha Gouthama belongs to one such


In Sasnskrit, Siddhi means attainment of higher powers through

Tapas (religious austerity).


Siddhartha means 'one whose goals are accomplished'.

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Siddhartha means "the one who brings all good" and Buddha means

"the enlightened one".

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