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What does sodapop curtis like in the book ousiders?

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he likes fights, Ponyboy, and drag racing

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Sodapop Curtis likes girls and cars.

There is no Johnny Curtis, there is Johnny Cade and the 3 Curtis boys: Ponyboy, Sodapop, and Darry.

Sodapop Curtis looks like a movie star handsome. People stop just to look at him. He has gorgeous blue eyes and a muscular build. He's tall and has golden-colored "Greaser" hair.

Sodapop Curtis in The Outsiders, is a happy-go-lucky guy who likes to hang out with his friends at Jay's and the Dingo. He likes cars and girls, especially Sandy, who eventually moves to Florida. Moreover, he loves to joke around. He dislikes the Socs.

His real name is Sodapop Curtis. Pony makes a point of mentioning that it says so on his ceritifcate (just like his name is actually Ponyboy and it says so on his certificate) in the book, too.

Because even though Sodapop is a dropout, he is very wise and comforting. Sodapop is an example that you dont have to go to school to be knowledgable.

Because he draws girls like honey attracts flies

He looks like a movie star, he loves to fight and drag race. What he loves the most is cars and girls.

Sodapop was described as sweet, nice, handsome, and cared for Ponyboy. He also worked at the DX station in town with his best friend, Steve, full-time. He is 16 years old. Second oldest in the Curtis boys family. Could make anyone smile, like Two-Bit.

Handsome, in the book Ponyboy says that he is a girl magnet, looking like a movie star

Sodapop says, "You're bleedin' like a stuck pig" (7).

sodapop fights for fun"its action, its a contest. like a drag race"-sodapop

he looks just like Sodapop and Sodapop looks like a movie star so what do yhu think.?.........................YES!

Because Sodapop is his brother; and because Soda dropped out to help work for them.

He likes action and its like a contest for him

It is contest to him, and for the fun.

It's all about image. Sodapop is, in reality, a bookworm. But by definition, Greasers are not bookworms. So Ponyboy makes Sodapop look like a bad-ass by calling him a dropout.

Yes! He is also pretty and i like his hair!

are you talking about Sodapop from The Outsiders? if so then he's fun and out going and carefree! he's just a really nice and happy guy.

Darry is a strong, hardworking, caring individual. He plays father to his two younger brothers, Sodapop and Ponyboy. He roofs houses, and is described by Ponyboy (to Cherry Valance) that he's big, handsome, and likes to play football.

The book Bud, Not Buddy was written by Christopher Paul Curtis this book is about the great depression if you do not like sad books this is not for you other wise buy this book at a local book store.

They both do not like getting to fights

because he has to clean the house like a housekeeper

Darry curtis looks like tom cruise