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What does testimony mean?

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Testimony is telling your personal story, normally in a church setting. A testimony is your declaration to the world that you over came something. Usually told as a heart felt story of how you came to be the person you are today, because of God or Over coming an addiction, etc.

The above is a religious answer. The legal answer is:

Your statement under oath, as a witness in a court proceeding, concerning facts of which you are personally aware, or events you have personally seen, which are relevant to the matter which is before the court. It does not include hearsay, which is an out-of-court statement by another, not under oath, which you heard, or opinions you may have about the people and/or subject matter before the court, unless you are qualified by the court as an expert witness. Legal testimony is not a narrative, or story-telling, but answers given in response to questioning by a lawyer under direct examination. Following your direct testimony, you are subject to cross-examination by the side opposing the side you testified for, and is designed to get the truth before the court. False testimony is perjury, a serious crime punishable by imprisonment and/or a fine.

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What does discounted testimony mean?

Testimony that is not believed for some reason.

What does it mean to corroborate a testimony?

To introduce additional evidence that supports the testimony evidence.

What does oral evidence mean?


What does corroborate an testimony mean?

To back it up or give more evidence that proves the testimony is true.

What does corroborate the testimony mean?

Agree with. Backup. Confirm.

What does the word testimony mean?

To test against something.

What is false testimony mean in the bible?

False testimony (or false witness) in the Bible (and anywhere else) is basically lying. So if you see something, then lie about that to somebody, you are bearing false testimony (or false witness).

What does it mean if you have been asked to corroborate the testimony of another employee?

It means you have been asked to confirm that the other employee's testimony is correct and factual.

What does veracious mean?

SENTENCE: The judge expected the witnesses to be veracious in their testimony.

How do you gain a testimony?

This is my personal thoughts on the subject of testimonies. I have listened to many testimonies about how people have been touched by God and how God has worked wonders in their lives. After listening to wonderful testimonies I have heard other people exclaim, "I wish I had a testimony like that to give." They are wrong because they do have a testimony. They do not have to go through the fires of hell in order to have a great testimony. A testimony does not mean that something bad happened and God made it good. If you have been raised by loving Godly parents and went to a wonderful church and never needed for a thing, then you have a testimony. You are living proof that God has kept you and your family under His protection. You are proof that if you follow Jesus then you can live a wonderful life. Gloom and doom does not mean that their testimony is better than yours. All testimonies are equal. If you can profess that God has changed your life or always guided your life then be joyful. That is your testimony. Also, now this is the important part so pay attention. Your testimony is not your testimony! It is Gods testimony! It is what Jesus has done in your life. Not what you have done with it. Some people thrive on "Their testimony". Give all the glory to God for the good that He has done.

How do you spell testimony?

Testimony is the correct spelling.

What does the word irregularites mean?

Things that are not normal or out of the ordinary. Can also mean things that are incorrect. Such as--> We noticed certain irregularities with your testimony.

Can you give me a sentence using the word testimony?

The witness gave his testimony.Her testimony about the murderer put him in prison for life.

How do you use testimony in a sentence?

The victims testimony convicted the drunk driver. Anton gave his testimony in the temple.

What is a sentence for testimony?

He made a testimony toward the judge.

What is the Hebrew word for 'testimony'?

edut (עדות)

What deos testimony mean?

Oral or verbal evidence given under oath ( sworn on a Bible ).

What is a antonym for testimony?

There is no antonym for testimony. One cannot prove wrong a person's belief of what they think is true, or their testimony of truth. However, testimony is a synonym for "admissions", (to admit to knowing). The antonym for admissions is "denial", which means to have no testimony of a belief or truth.

How do say testimony in Hebrew?

Testimony is עֵדוּת (eh-DOOT).

What does deposition mean in science form?

taking testimony outside of court

Use testimony in a sentence?

The pastor gave his testimony of salvation to the congregation.

What are sessions for testimony?

Sessions for testimony are hearings or trials, and occasionally depositions.

What we call the person who gives testimony?

A person who gives testimony can be referred to in different ways, depending on the circumstances. For examples:A Preacher or religious person gives (their) testimony.A court witness or defendant gives testimony.

What does expert testimony mean?

In the interpretation of obscure or complicated facts and testimony, persons not connected to the case at trial are occasionally hired by the defense and/or the prosecution to interpret and explain obscure facts to the jury so that they (hopefully) become understandable.

What does testament mean from the bible?

testament comes from the same word as testimony. The old and new testaments are testimony's to Jesus.