What does testimony mean?

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Testimony is telling your personal story, normally in a church setting. A testimony is your declaration to the world that you over came something. Usually told as a heart felt story of how you came to be the person you are today, because of God or Over coming an addiction, etc.

The above is a religious answer. The legal answer is:

Your statement under oath, as a witness in a court proceeding, concerning facts of which you are personally aware, or events you have personally seen, which are relevant to the matter which is before the court. It does not include hearsay, which is an out-of-court statement by another, not under oath, which you heard, or opinions you may have about the people and/or subject matter before the court, unless you are qualified by the court as an expert witness. Legal testimony is not a narrative, or story-telling, but answers given in response to questioning by a lawyer under direct examination. Following your direct testimony, you are subject to cross-examination by the side opposing the side you testified for, and is designed to get the truth before the court. False testimony is perjury, a serious crime punishable by imprisonment and/or a fine.

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Q: What does testimony mean?
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