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It means thebindelendnce about Neolithic


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Where did the neolithic revolution occur?

how did the neolithic revolution change life

farming brought the Neolithic Revolution

some inventions of the neolithic revolution were the wheel and chariot

The Neolithic revolution lead to specialization. This is because the Neolithic revolution allowed people to settle down and begin to do other jobs instead of hunting.

The Neolithic Revolution was spread by diffusion. The website I found this information at stated that "those who adopted it survived and increased, and passed their techniques ofproduction to other peoples."

the neolithic revolution first occurred in the Mesopotamian area.

The term Neolithic revolution was first used by the man V. Gordon Childe.V. Gordon Childe was the first man to use the term Neolithic revolution.

advances in technology, ideas of socialism which realtes to how farms were communally shared before the neolithic revolution

The Neolithic Revolution was a time in history when humans learned how to farm and domesticate animals. easy right -.-

Humans started to farm and domesticate animals during the neolithic revolution.

the neolithic Revolution started in 10,000 B.C.E and lasted until 5,000 B.C.E.

The ce4ntral aspect of the Neolithic revolution was the first development of hunter-gatherer cultures

The farming revolution took place during the Neolithic Age.

The result of the neolithic revolution was that people began setting up permanent settlements and governments.

What Skills did the early humans learn during the neolithic revolution?

i need to know what year the neolithic revolution start so I can do my resurch. thanks, the student

The Neolithic Revolution ended in about 600 C.E., when people started settling down and empires started developing.

the neolithic revolution was a time of greart moarning for people of montana becasue ir was a huge snowstorm.

The two main reasons the Neolithic Revolution was by change and also technology advanced for it to happen.

The Neolithic Revolution was a gradual revolution that led to the discovery of agricultural techniques and as a result boundaries, rules, and eventually a settled life style.The Agrarian Revolution emerged out of the Neolithic Revolution and is marked by using agricultural techniques to produce food to survive. I believe it ended only when the Industrial Revolution took its place.

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