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Sorry but the differences extend beyond the type of interior upholstery.... 2.0 5dr TS2, 2.0D 5dr TS2 and 2.2D 5dr TS2 additional features over TS Increase to 17" alloy wheels Auto dimming rear-view mirror Electric folding mirrors Automatic rain sensing front wipers 6-CD changer Front fog lights Integrated Bluetooth© System Rear Vehicle Monitoring System

Infromation on the different models is available at:

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What does TS2 stand for?

The Sims 2 and Toy Story 2.

Mazda 6 2.0d ts2 05 plate when does the timing belt need changing?

Download the free manual

Will The Sims 3 Work with Sims 2 games for PC?

No. TS3 is a stand-alone game, not an expansion pack for the existing TS2 base game. Eventually, it is expected that new expansion packs will be added for TS3, but it is still an entirely different game than TS2, at least in the sense that it will not add any to any TS2 games you have already.

How do you have twin babies on sims 2 only?

On TS2 only? By luck and luck only.

Will Sims 2 double deluxe access Sims 2 seasons?

No you have to buy Seasons alone. TS2 Dobule deluxe = Sims2 , Nightlife and Celebration stuff

Does the new mazda6 have a heated windscreen?

Not at the moment. The new Mazda3 does and the salesman I spoke to at my local garage reckons that the MY2010 Mazda6 will have it as well (probably in TS2 spec and above)

How do you install body shop for Sims 2 Double Deluxe?

You needn't install it, you should already have it on your computer if you have any version of TS2, look in your programs, and search "bodyshop"

Can you download sims3 if you already downloaded sims 2?

Providing you pay for it, but if you've been playing TS2 on it for a while, your computer probably isn;t good enough for the Sims 3.

5 Best Compact Water Proof Camera Models?

Having a water proof camera is a great idea for those who travel, or spend time on the water. Customers can choose from the five best waterproof cameras, under $300. The first is the Samsung AQ100, followed by the Pentax Optio W90, Canon PowerShot D10, Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX5, Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS2. Water proof cameras have the reputation of not delivering excellent photo quality, but there are some exceptions as with the mentioned water proof camera models.

Now sims 3 is out will they stop making new sims 2 games?

Yes, they stopped makeing games for the sims when the sims 2 came out...So I'm guessing no more TS2 games

How do you get sims 2 on your computer when you exchange computers?

You can do one of two things: If both are recent, and both desktops, it would be easiest to simply swap the hard drive. You get TS2 and all of your other data. IF they are many years apart, or are laptops, simply install the sims 2 on the new computer, copy the My Documents/EA Games/The Sims 2 folder from your old computer to the same place on your new computer, then uninstall from your old computer. Be sure to install TS2 first, then replace the folder in documents. Good Luck!

Where get pets from?

You can use the phone service in adopt a pet, or when you're creating sims in the family mode, click add a sim, then add a pet cat or dog.If you're talking about the game ts2 pets, then you can get it at or -zelda5820

What font is used in the US basketball DREAM team logo?

The US basketball DREAM logo uses a custom font called TS2. It was custom made for this logo and therefore may not be able to be used for personal typing and other logos.

How do you make your sims turn into a vampires in The Sims 3?

You can't turn them into a blood-sucking vampire, like in TS2 Nightlife, but you can download fangs to use as an accessory for appearances only. EA may bring vampirism back in future expansion packs, though.

If you download naruto sims does it allow you to go back to regular sims?

Are you talking about regular TS2 downloads of sims? Because as far as I'm aware, these only download new content, so you can choose whether to include it. Hope that helped! Yes it does allow you to go back to regular sims,

What is the Digital camera that can be dropped three feet and is waterproof?

There are many rugged cameras that satisfy your criteria. 1. Panasonic TS3 2. Panasonic TS2 3. Panasonic TS1 4. Canon D10. 5. Olympus .. I suggest you look at the link I provide below for the full spec of these cameras.

In the sims two double deluxe i am having trouble finding out how you download the sims two nightlife and the sims celebration stuff?

If you actually OWN the sims 2 double deluxe and INSTALL it, then you don't have to download anything! If you have the sims 2, and you are trying to install the expansion pack, Nightlife, and the Stuff pack, Celebration Stuff, then I can't help you. But the whole point of TS2 Double Deluxe is so you DON'T have to download anything!If you like my answer please give me a trust point! :)I know I sound desperate, but it's hard not to on the Internet. So, just imagine me saying it in a nice, casual way. No pressure!Isabella246

Which is the best waterproof digital camera?

Latest waterproof cameras are quite good. On very rare occasions they come faulty, but the same is with regular digital cameras. If you want camera, that makes good quality pictures on land or underwater, then I would suggest to look into these three cameras: Sony TX5, Panasonic Lumix TS2 and Olympus Rough 8010. And all three of them cost less than $300 on Amazon. You just need to decide which features you need more: Sony TX5 is waterproof to 10 ft, when Panasonic TS2 and Olympus Rough 8010 are both waterproof to 33ft. And Sony TX5 has got the lowest resolution from these three. It's just 10.2 megapixels. Panasonic and Olympus have a resolution of 14MP, which is quite a great difference. All cameras are shock-, dust-, sand- and freeze-proof. But Olympus 8010 is also a crushproof and designed to withstand a weight up to 220 pounds. Sony TX5 gives you the opportunity to capture panoramic pictures with it's Sweep Panorama feature. Your images are automatically stitched together, which gives you the extra-wide view of the scenery. Olympus 8010 has got the panoramic shooting option too. It also comes with a built-in 2GB memory, which is more than most cameras available on the market. Panasonic TS2 has a good quality video recording. Although all these cameras record video in HD format. But Panasonic TS2 seems to be the most expensive out of them. But if you do not need waterproof camera right now, Sony are releasing a new Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX10 in April 2011. It will have a resolution of impressing 16.2 megapixels. And it is going to be the first waterproof camera that can capture 3D still images. You can pre-order this camera and it costs $330.

How do you get famous in the sims 2 double deluxe?

Getting 'famous' in TS2 DD, is pretty much the same as getting to the top of a career. Make sure your sim gets all the skill points mentioned in the career panel, and has as many friends as needed in the career panel as well. Many sims' Lifetime Want (LTW) have to do with getting to the top of a career. If you like this answer, please give me a trust point! Isabella246

Can you install sims 3 on multiple computors?

Yes you can install on multiple users using the same disc, the real problem is how to play simultaneously. They require a cd, now if i am using a PC i can solve that by using daemon tools, unfortunately i am using mac. I remember with TS2 once you load the game with the disc, you can take it out and still play. The game ran off the data stored on the hard drive. This may be the same for TS3.

How do you play a pet from the sims 2 once you have downloaded it from their website?

You have to install it. If it's a .package file, just unzip (if needed), and place in the folder - documents/the sims2/downloads. If it's the other type, you have to double-click to install. If you have issues there, such as the infamous "error" about "not having" a needed expansion, when you do, try using the Sims2Pack Clean Installer. Links to get that on Free site, that one, for tons of great content (for both TS2 AND TS3).

How do you design clothes in the sims 2?

In the Sims 2, it should come with something called 'The Sims 2 Body Shop'. It's comes with the same disc as TS2, so it should already be on your computer after you install it. Open the Start Menu (if you have a PC) and select 'Search'. When the little character (Rover the dog or whoever) asks you "What do you want to search for?", select "All files and folders" for "The Sims 2 Body Shop". It should come up with the same name, open it. Click on 'New Project', and you can redesign Maxis things from there! When you have selected what you want to redesign, open My Documents, go to EA Games, the Sims 2, and then click on 'Projects'. Choose the preject you are currently working on. When the picture of it comes up, right click and select the option 'convert to file format'. Choose any software such as Windows Paint that you wish. Hope I helped!!!!! P.S. It's pretty hard and complicated from there.

What are the cheat codes for Demolish & Build 2018?

Adds 10000 to balance givemecashAdds 5 to your balance give5Camera speed to 1 cs1Camera speed to 2 cs2Camera speed to 3 cs3Camera speed to 4 cs4Camera speed to 5 cs5Camera speed to 6 cs6Camera speed to 7 cs7Completes all tasks lazyworkerDisables debug mode debugoffEnables debug mode debugonGame info infoGives you all level 1 vehicle parts and map locations pioGives you all level 2 vehicle parts and map locations tomoGives you all level 3 vehicle parts and map locations tomo2Gives you all vehicles allmineLevels you up by 1 level nextrankMakes it rain rainyMakes it sunny sunnyMove speed to 1 ts1Move speed to 2 ts2Move speed to 3 ts3Move speed to 4 ts4Move speed to 5 ts5Opens credits window creditsSets balance to 0 brokeaskanyeSets hour to 5 fivetimeSets Radio Time To 700 rtime700Sets radiotime to 380 r380Sets Time To 700 time700Sets time to day daytimeSets time to night nighttimeSets time to noon noontimeShows you a toast on screen showtoastSlow down scale 1 sdl1Slow down scale 2 sdl2Slow down scale 3 sdl3Slow down scale 4 sdl4Slow down scale 5 sdl5Unlocks all map mapunlock

Why does my sims 3 game unexpectedly stop working leaving me to restart it over and over?

First off, EA's software developers for this game do not test their game before they release it to the public. When Maxis had the rights and developed the first Sims game, there were no problems at all. If you noticed in your game launcher, The Sims 3 always has an update/patch pretty much after every new game is released. This means they had bugs they didn't catch until after they released it to the public. I am an avid Sims fan and have played every version (TS1, TS2, TS3). I have never had any problems with any of my sims games until the 3rd one and it started with World Adventures. I had so many bugs, I simply do not play with that EP. Sorry for the ranting, but that is the honest truth. Now for some actual problems... Quite honestly, it could be anything from your hardware on your computer to a bug in the game itself. Here are some steps that will save you time in researching forums and stuff. 1. Check with system lab requirements (google it) and make sure your computer is up to running the game. The Sims 3 takes everything your graphics and video drivers have to run and will max them out. Even with some gaming computers this can be the issue. 2. Make sure your computer/laptop is not getting to hot. I have a laptop and mine gets overheated all the time from playing the sims. I have an external fan I put on it that seems to help. 3. Your drivers need to be up to date so it can handle the latest patches and what not. 4. I have found that forcing V-Sync in your graphics properties seem to help the game (this will slow down your FPS, but in my research, The sims needs the frame rate slowed down because the high FPS can cause your computer to overheat). To do this you need to right-click on your desktop and click on graphics properties. I have an intel graphics card and my graphics settings is under 3d. Anyway, locate the options to turn V-sync on and make sure it is on. 5. Make sure you don't have any bad custom content. Some can cause bugs. Try running your game for a while without the custom content and see if that fixes it. If it does, than you know 2 things. A: you have some bad CC or B: All the CC plus the game is causing your graphics card to use all it's power forcing a crash. I have no idea how to determine which option is the problem. 6. If you want to take the long route, a fresh re-install always helps. Not a fan of it, but if you are out of all other options, then it might not be a bad idea. I'm only giving this advice because I too have experienced this problem. Still haven't completely pegged what exactly is causing the problem. In all honesty, it all started after I installed Late Night. I personally think all of these problems are from EA. High end gaming computers are experiencing the same problem my laptop is. I truly hope this helps a little. If you start researching on forums, all of them will tell you it's your graphics card, blah, blah, blah....but seriously, if you have tried all the options I mentioned above, it's most likely a bug that EA has not fixed and probalby will never fix because they have incompetent people that develop and write the software for this game.

Why are tackpads used on laptops?

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