What does the TS AND TS2 actually stand for on the Mazda 6 models?

<to my knowledge the TS has high spec but cloth interia the TS2 has high spec but has leather interia ive got a mazda3 ts2 with cloth interia> Sorry but the differences extend beyond the type of interior upholstery.... 2.0 5dr TS2, 2.0D 5dr TS2 and 2.2D 5dr TS2 additional features over TS Increase to 17" alloy wheels Auto dimming rear-view mirror Electric folding mirrors Automatic rain sensing front wipers 6-CD changer Front fog lights Integrated Bluetooth© System Rear Vehicle Monitoring System

Infromation on the different models is available at: http://www.mazda.co.uk/Showroom/Mazda6/5-door_specs