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Look under the front end of the car. You will find round bars, or rods going horizontally from the steering gear to the wheel spindle / steering knuckle assemblies on both sides. Those are the tie rods. There are 2 parts that make up the connecting tie rod:

* The inner tie rod connects to the steering 'rack and pinion' assembly on the inside, and to the...

* Outer tie rod, aka tie rod 'end' - which then mounts into the backside of the steering knuckle

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Q: What does the Tie rod on a 2003 ford focus look like?
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I am auto. mech. 2001 ford focus 2.0 liter sohc autoamtic read code p1518 mean intake manifold runner control what is that show pixs what look like ? call shop cost 275.00 or more oh come on not trust shop any your idea and offer what need the parts for that? Tks pls send me e mail