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The Clematis or flowering vine, symbolizes ingenuity and mental beauty.

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What exactly does a purple Clematis flower symbolize?

The symbolic meaning of clematis flowers is ingenuity.

Is a clematis plant dicot?

A clematis plant is a dicot.

What is the scientific name clematis seed head?

Clematis jackmanii

What is the scientific name or taxonomic classification of the poisonous plant Clematis?

The scientific or taxonomic name would be Clematisspp.

What is a small purple flower called?

A Clematis. A clematis a a small pretty purple flower normally placed in bouquets.

Tell me another name for 'traveler's joy'?

Old man's beard- Clematis latifolia dentata - (Clematis Vitalba)

How does clematis disperse its seeds?

by wind

Can you eat the fruit of a clematis passion flower?

Clematis and the passion flower are two different plants. You can eat the passion flower fruit

What kind of soil does a clematis prefer?

Clematis prefer moist, well-drained soil that's neutral to slightly alkaline in pH.

Is clematis a climbing plant?

Clematis is a scrambling climber and requires support. Often seen growing up the stems of larger plants

What is the area of Clematis Street Historic Commercial District?

The area of Clematis Street Historic Commercial District is 4,046.8564224 square meters.

What is a synonym for clematis?

Old man's beard.

When do you trim your clematis?

* Generally, prune hard in winter, and trim to shape after flowering. * First you need to know what type of Clematis. The method of pruning differs with each.

Plants that begin with c?

cactus clematis clover

What is botanical name for travellers joy?

Clematis vitalba

Is clematis a perennial?

Most are, but there are one or two annuals.

Is clematis an acid loving plant?

Clematis prefer slightly acid to neutral soil (ph 6.5-7.0), but are generally tolerant of both acid and alkaline soils.

Where is the Friends Of The Rogerson Clematis Collection in Lake Oswego Oregon located?

The address of the Friends Of The Rogerson Clematis Collection is: Po Box 734, Lake Oswego, OR 97034-0073

Plants Starts with c?

Corn, calathea, caladium, columbine, clematis...

How do you kill poison ivy without killing clematis?

U dont

What does a Japanese temple symbolize?

What does a Japanese temple symbolize? What does a church symbolize? What does a synagogue symbolize? What does a mosque symbolize? What does a any of them symbolize? a place to get in touch with whatever you believe in.

What is the best fertilizer for clematis?

A general balanced fertiliser applied in Spring and watered in is best.

What is the scientific name of the plant old-man's-beard?

Clematis aristata

What plants grow on walls?

Vines, (such as ivy), clematis, climbing roses, and espaliered trees.

What outside flower has big white flowers?

lilies hydrangeas are a mass of small flowers so they look like one big flower ball clematis but clematis needs something to climb up. a porch or a trellis or a mailbox or a fence... etc