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It helps the computer to judge how much fuel to allow in to the engine, it can also run the gauge on the dash

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Q: What does the heat-temperature sensor do for a car?
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What way can a sensor be used in a car?

A sensor can be used on a car for a number of things car alarm, video sensor, traffic sensor Type your answer here...

What is trans range sensor do for a car?

What is trans range sensor do for a car?

What sensor be used in a car?

o2 sensor.

Examples of a sensor in a car?

Mass air flow sensor, O2 sensor

Where is the oxygen sensor located on your 1997 subaru legacy?

Both o2 sensors are located on catalytic converter. Sensor closest to front of car is upstream sensor. Sensor closest to rr of car is downstream sensor.

Will a speed sensor cause car not to start?

cam or crank sensor

Will oxygen sensor cut car off?

Yes it does cut your car off, The sensor is controlled by module that controls everything

Can a crankshaft sensor cause your car to over heat?

No, a bad crankshaft sensor would cause the car not to start and run.

When the tps sensor is disconnected from the car in idle what happens?

When the TPS sensor is disconnected from the car in idle, there would be delayed acceleration.

Can the crank shaft sensor cause a car to stall?

There is no such thing as a crankshaft sensor. There is no such thing as a crankshaft sensor.

What will happen to your car if the crankshaft sensor goes out?

It will not stay running with out a crank sensor.

What the car do when has 401 sensor problems?

401 sensor on 2001 ford focus

What are the symptoms of failing throttle position sensor in Mitsubishi Mirage Car will not idle when warm.?

A failing throttle position sensor will cause idling problems when the car is warm. The failing sensor can also cause the car to stall when idling.

What does a car do when the knock sensor is bad?

The knock sensor retards the engine timing when there is a knock or ping detected. This will make the car a little sluggish. It is rare that the knock sensor goes bad.

Can the crankshaft position sensor cause the car not to start?

yes this will stop car from starting. a bad cam sensor will also stall engine at any speed.the sensor is easy to replace.

Can you take out the speed sensor in a car and the car still work?


What does a car parking sensor do?

A car parking sensor is of great help - especially when driving a large car. During parking it indicates when the own car is getting too close to the other parked vehicles.

When the knock sensor is disconnected what happen to the car?

Nothing will happen to the car if you disconnect the knock sensor. It just will not detect a problem if there happens to be one.

Crankshaft sensor for a Chevy Lumina?

Where is the crank sensor on a 95 chevy lumina car ?

Where is the oxygen sensor located on 1969 Oldsmobile?

A 1969 car would not have an oxygen sensor.

Will the knock sensor cause the car not to start?

No it will not. The knock sensor is used to adjust the timing.

Will i damage my car if i don't replace the knock sensor when they need replacing?

the knock sensor cuts the engine out so it won't damage the car if not replaced, the car just won't work.

What is the best way to get to the speed sensor on a 1999 concord?

There are two speed sensors on the car. The output speed sensor is located on the transmission near the middle of the car. To get to it, the car must be lifted, either by jacks or a hydraulic lift at an auto shop. The sensor is basically under the center console of the car.

Where is the fan sensor?

For what make and year of car?

If your camshaft sensor is bad will your car start?