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What does the lj stand for in gran prix lj!

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Q: What does the lj stand for in Pontiac grand prix lj?
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Would a 1979 Pontiac grand prix LJ body fit on 1979 Pontiac parisienne Brougham frame?

No...The Grand Prix is a G-body car and the Parisienne is a B-Body. Completely different.

What does lj stand for on 77 Pontiac grand prixs?

The LJ designation was a "limited" or "luxury" tag never officially defined by Pontiac. The model was a differentiator from the SJ model. Pontiac started using the J and SJ option identifiers in 1969. These names were borrowed from historical Duesenburg models of the 30's.

What does SJ stand for on classic Pontiacs grand prix?

Pontiac Grand Prix's from the 60's and 70's had J SJ SSJ LJ. J was the standard model. SJ was a bit sportier, Sport J but options were available on a J model SSJ, Very Rare. Specialty GP's Limited production. LJ showed up in the 73 model, Luxury J

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