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What does the mucus plug look like when you are losing it at 27 weeks pregnant?

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2007-07-10 06:26:39

the mucus plug can be all different colors it is different for

everyone it can be clear or greenish it can also be brownish or

have some pink in it but the thing to look for is if it is slimy

and thick like a (sounds nasty) but like a booger. the reason i

feel i can answer your question is because i am also 27 weeks and

have been in the hospital for a month now on bed rest my cervix is

paper thin and i just started to have a discharge that looks like

what i described above my doctor said that yes it is my mucus plug

however i am loosing mine a little at a time, however that is

different for everyone also you could loose it a little at a time

or all at once. regardless you should call your doctor. hope this


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