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The name is seen by most Jews as an imposition on the territory from its Roman Occupiers who changed the name of the region from Judea to Syria-Palaestina following the Jewish Revolts in the First and Second Centuries C.E. It also conjures up, for many Jews, the current conflict with the Palestinians since they continue to refer to the territory, oftentimes including the current State of Israel, as Palestine.

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Q: What does the name Palestine mean to Jews?
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Exile of Jews from palestine?

The Exile of Jews from palestine is known as the Diaspora

How did palestine get its name?

The Romans wanted to wipe out remnant of the Jews in ancient Palestine, so they named it Palestine after the Philistine nation that lived across the Jordan.

When did the Jews leave Palestine?

The main exile of Jews from Palestine came in 70 CE. However, there was always a minority of Jews in Palestine until 1950 when they became the majority.

What is the relationship between Palestine and Jews?

It depends on what you mean by Palestine. If you are referring to the region of Palestine or the former Mandate of Palestine, the connection is that Mandatory Palestine was the Jews' historic homeland. If you are referring to the current Palestinian Territories or the Palestinian Authority, the connection is that Jews formed the State of Israel which is currently engaged in a long conflict with the Palestinian Territories to create a peaceful solution for all citizens.

Why don't the Jews stop attacking Palestine?

Because Palestine keeps attacking the Jews.

Do Jews live in Palestine?

Nope. Many Jews live in Israel (what used to be called Palestine).

How did the Palestinian Arabs become people without a country?

In 1948, Jews didn't have a country, so they invaded Palestine, killed many Palestinians, and forced many out. The Jews then changed the name of Palestine to Israel.

What was the name of the area Jews thought of as their promised land and began to think about returning to in the 1880s?


How did Judah come to be called Palestine?

Judah became known as Palestine when the Jews tried to revolt against the Romans for a second time. They forbaded the Jews to visit Jerusalem and they renamed Judah to Palestine.

Why were Jews put in Palestine?

Nobody put the Jews in Palestine. They chose to go there. Historically it was their homeland and they returned in fulfillment of their dream to return.

What modern state was created in 1948 by Jews in Palestine?

ISRAEL is a modern state that was created in 1948 by Jews in Palestine.

Did jews begin to migrate to palestine in 1982?

No. Jews had already been migrating to Israel/Palestine in substantial numbers since 1919.

How long were the Jews away from Palestine?

There have always been Jews in Palestine. They were not the majority between the years 132 CE and 1949 CE.

How did the Jews get Palestine back?

Assuming that by "Palestine" the question is referring to the current State of Israel, Jews got Palestine back through stubborn determination, strategic diplomacy, and strength of arms.

What is the name used to describe group of Jewish people who want all of Palestine to belong to the Jews?

There is no such group.

What languages were spoken in first century palestine?

The Gentiles of Palestine spoke Greek. The Jews of Palestine generally spoke Aramaic. However, the Jews of the diaspora mainly spoke Greek in their daily lives.

Why were european jews in palestine happy about the balfour declaration?

The declaration gave the Jews of Palestine the hope that they might one-day have a country of their own.

What did the Balfour declaration promise the Jews in Palestine?

The Balfour Declaration promised the Jews a homeland in Palestine subject to the rights of the Palestinians.

Why did the Romans kick the Jews out of palestine?

In about 77 C.E., the Jewish people revolted against Roman rule in "Palestine" (the Roman name for the land of Israel, named for the traditional enemies of the Jews the Philistines, as an insult to the Jews). They lost. As punishment for revolting and losing, Rome deported the Jews, many as slaves, spreading them through the Roman empire and beyond.

Jews moved to what state after World War 2?

Some of the Jews who survived the Holocaust moved to British Mandate Palestine after World War 2. The U.N. later voted to give the Jews a homeland in Palestine. mainly just palestine!

Why do Jewish people call Israel Palestine?

This question is based on a mistaken assumption. Most Jews do not call Israel Palestine and instead call it Israel. The only Jews who call Israel Palestine are those Jews who are anti-Zionist and therefore believe that the Palestinians should have the land.

What year did the Jews take over Palestine?

The Jews did not take over Palestine. They started legally purchasing the swampland and deserts of unoccupied Palestine, around the beginning of the 20th Century, and they converted into livable land.

Since when have the muslims and the jews been fighting for palestine?

Jews first fought for Palestine in the Biblical Period (around 1000 BCE). Muslims first fought for Palestine in 634 CE. If the question means to ask when they first fought each other for Palestine, there were pogroms and violent outbursts between Jews of the Yishuv and Settled Arabs of Palestine as early as the later 1920s.

Have jews lived in peace in Palestine since Biblical times?

No. For most of the last 2,000 years, the Jews in Palestine were a repressed minority (or on occasion a repressed majority). Probably the most bloody period for Jews in Palestine was during the Crusades when Christian leaders slaughtered numerous Jews, especially in Jerusalem. However, Jews suffered other calamities in Palestine, such as the destruction of both Great Temples and the exile of significant portions of the Jewish population.

Did the Jews flood the palestine immigrants?