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What does the over drive off button do in jeep When I push it a green light comes on. The button says off?

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when you push the overdrive button the green light is letting you know that the overdrive is "off". Therefore you are driving in a lower gear. This is a good thing if you are towing a trailer or maybe going up a hill or bridge. It keeps you from burning up your transmission, but otherwise if your just driving normal then overdrive needs to be "on" which is more fuel efficient by allowing you to switch into a higher gear.

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If the green lights go out for the 4 wheel drive and the yellow light comes on in an Infinity QX4, there could be a problem with the transfer case. There could also be a problem with the 4 wheel drive not engaging when it should.

Why did your o d off light come on in your ford focus?

you hit the button on your shifter, green light means over drive is off, on dash ,,you should drive car in over drive unless ,,you pull a trailer ,or boat or something...

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Is the car drivable if the transaxle light comes on?

if the transaxle light comes on in the car can you still drive it

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The light that comes on when 4 wheel drive is engaged is not the service light. It is just an indicator light that comes on to let you know the 4 wheel drive is engaged. It will go off when the 4 wheel drive is disengaged.

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The light is NOT a low oil light. It is a low OIL PRESSURE light. You can drive it until the engine seizes. Of course internal engine damage will start to occur as soon as the light comes on and you have no oil pressure if you continue to drive the vehicle.

How many miles is it safe to drive your car after the check engine light comes on?

It is safe to drive you car for at least one mile after the check engine light comes on.

How do you disengage the 4th gear of a Volvo?

is this a manual box with the button on the top of the stick to get 5 st overdrive gear drive in forth up to 40 mph then press the button overdrive light green light now on press to come out of overdrive or change down a gear to third.

What is green light in dash board 1995 Lexus sc 300?

It's a light that comes on when you have the sports ride feature turned on. In your SC look at the center console. You'll see a switch that turns that sport drive feature on and off. Drive safely :-)

How far can you drive after the fuel light comes on?

15 miles.

Where is the fuse for a 1993 Ford Ranger 4X4 four wheel drive button?

why wont the light come on the 4x4 drive

What could it mean when PWD light comes on on a 1996 Toyota Camry?

I believe that there is a button that controls this light. I drive a 95 Toyota Camry Coupe, and on my console down by the Gear Shift there is a small button labeled "PWD". When engaged (Down) the light is off, and when disengaged (up) the lGren PWD light shows on the Instrument panel. My understanding is it has to do with Traction Control Hope that helps!

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Why would the power drive light be on in my 1998 Honda Passport?

because you have the power button turned on,push the button again to turn it off

What is the difference between the orange and green light on the air conditioning button on a 1990 Plymouth Laser?

orange is cold, green is colder

How many miles can you drive after the low fuel light comes on in a 2002 Ford Explorer?

After the low fuel light comes on in a 2002 Ford Explorer, you should be able to drive at least another 10 miles. The low fuel light usually comes on when there is 2 gallons left in the tank.

What does the power light on the suzuki grand vitara mean?

On the left side of the console is a button labeled power. When this button is pushed a power light comes on in dash. This button is used when you need more power such as climbing a steep grade.

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