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What does the pacific giant salamander eat?

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The pacific giant salamander east land snails, slugs, beetles, moths, flies, small mammals, mice, amphibians, small snakes and frogs

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What does giant Chinese salamander eat?

Giant Chinese salamanders eat insects, frogs, and crustations.

Can a salamander eat a toad?

Yes. Chinese Giant Salamanders eat toads. The salamander would need to be large enough to eat the toad.

What does the Chinese giant salamander eat?

This salamander eats crabs, shrimps, aquatic insects, fish and frogs.

What Is The Scientific Name for Chinese Giant Salamander?

the scientific name for chinese giant salamander is......... giant salamander of china

What are facts about Chinese giant salamander?

The Chinese giant salamander is the largest salamander in the world.

Is the Japanese giant salamander the largest salamander?

no the japanese giant salamander is the smallest of the large salamanders

How do the Japanese eat the Japanese giant salamander?

They don't. It is a protected species.

Who are the Predators of the giant Chinese salamander?

the giant Chinese salamander has no natural predators.

When was Japanese giant salamander created?

Japanese giant salamander was created in 1837.

Is a Chinese giant salamander a vertabrate or invertabrate?

is a chinese giant salamander a vertabrate

When was Cope's Giant Salamander created?

Cope's Giant Salamander was created in 1970.

When was Coastal Giant Salamander created?

Coastal Giant Salamander was created in 1852.

What do Chinese giant salamander eat?

The adult Chinese Giant Salamander's diet consists mainly of crustaceans and fish

What is the biggest salamander?

It is the Japanese giant salamander

Is a Japanese giant salamander a reptile?

No. A salamander is an amphibian.

Is the Chinese giant salamander nocturnal?

Yes, the Chinese Giant Salamander is nocturnal and likes to hunt at night.

How long is the Chinese giant salamander?

how big is the chinese giant salamander

What is the smallest large salamander?

the japanese giant salamander is the smallest of the large salamanders

What are some amphibian names that begin with the letter I?

Imperial Cave Salamander and Idaho Giant Salamander are species of salamander.

Where does the Chinese Giant Salamander live?

the Chinese Giant Salamander is found in brooks and ponds in the eastern China, Japan and the Eastern US

What is the California giant salamander's weight?

weight of california giant salamander?

What does the giant salamander eat?

Try reading through this answer section: What_does_a_salamander_eatHope that helps,DakotahStandards

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