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Under the dashboard implies a column shift. This would mean a mechanical linkage. If so there is a connection on the steering column just outside the firewall in the engine compartment, a rod down to the frame and another rod to the transmission. At any one of these points there is a hard plastic or brass bushing. The rod may have come out of the bushing, the bushing worn or missing. The entire length of the shift rod should be visible and worn or broken point found.

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Q: What does the shift lever connect to that moves the linkage under the dashboard that could break?
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Can sticky key to ignition display led engine light?

Yes, but it isn't the ignition itself, it could be bad linkage rods that connect to the starter motor.

95 Honda accord lx drivers door wont open?

you have a few possibilities. the linkage could be disconnected on the handle, you could have broken linkage from the handle to the latch or your lock linkage could be disconnected while it is in the lock position. all of these can be accessed from the interior door trim panel. to get the door open you will probably have to remove the interior screws while the door is closed and pull back the panel as far as you can. be careful not to break it but you should be able to reach the linkage and open the door from inside the door frame

Dashboard and center console lost power even with ignition in the on position or the engine running. What could be the problem?

it could be something as simple as a burnt out fuse. their should be a fuse box underneath the dashboard to the left of the break petal, or underneath the hood near the battery. if that's not the case, it could be a loose connector or wire

What is a linkage cable?

Never heard of it, it's either linkage or cable. Carburetered vehicles could be linkage or cable operated. Throttle body would be cable operated or even electronically operated. Older transmissions could be linkage and later models would be cable operated.

What is the warning light the shape of a light bulb on my mini dashboard mean?

check the lights could be a break light head light or running light is out

When was We Could Connect or We Could Not created?

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Why won't the transmission shift into high gear?

It depends on the type of transmission. If it is a manual transmission, the first thing to check would be the linkage. If the linkage is not the problem, then it could be the bushings or the synchronizer. If it is an automatic transmission, then it could be a problem with the bands, though you could have debris in the valve body or a servo problem. In some cases, linkage bearings could be an issue.

Why won't 1969 Corvette shifter go into reverse?

The linkage that connects the shift lever to the transmission could be out of adjustment or the reverse gear in the transmission itself could be bad. Usually it's the linkage.

Could you display indicator dashboard icons for jaguar x type 2002?

Could you display indicator dashboard icons for jaguar x type 2002?

What is the average cost to repair a busted linkage on a 1995-1999 Saturn SL?

I have a 99 Saturn and for my broken linkage I paid about $350.00 It was the best price I could find.

Where is the accent dome light fuse?

it could be inside or by the dashboard

Why won't your 97 S-10 blazer go into park but shift great in all other gears?

If your Blazer won't go into park the problem could be with the shift linkage. There could be a problem with the cable, but the shift linkage is most likely responsible.

What is the best way to mount a GPS unit to a dashboard?

There are many ways that one could mount a GPS unit to a dashboard. The best way to mount a GPS unit to a dashboard would be to purchase a good GPS mount.

How do i install shift linkage in a 1968 Chevelle?

For what transmission? Column or floor shift? While adjusting the linkage to align the shifter with the transmission has to be done no matter what you are working with, Manual transmissions have VERY different linkage than automatics do... Multiple rods vs. just one. Column shift linkage is also a LOT different (and more complex) than floor shift linkage is. If I knew what you were working with I could tell you how to install it step by step.

If you have 2001 and you have no light in dashboard where you change shifts you get lights high beams but no light in tail only when you press break you change all fuses and still no light what could?

Sounds like bulbs have burned out try replacing them

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What is wrong if the windshield wipers on a 1991 Lincoln Town car will not go down when you turn them off?

The linkage for the wipers could have slipped. If the linkage is not aligned right, then the wipers will not stop at the right spot.

Why might a car's seatbelt-not-on dashboard light not work?

The bulb could be burnt out, there could be a wiring problem, or the module could be faulty.

Dodge ram 4x4 work in low range but not high range?

The problem is most likely in the transfer case or the linkage. The transfer case is bolted to the rear of the transmission on that truck. The linkage could be misadjusted, there should be three distinct positions for the transfer case, Neutral, Low and High. If you suspect the linkage disconnect the linkage and manually put the transfer case in each position and try it to see if it works, if it does it's the linkage if not the problem is in the transfer case itself.

What could be the reasons for an electric window not working when it is down?

It's probably the motor or the linkage assembly

Car will not shift out of drive?

Sounds like it could be your shift linkage that hooks up the the transmission.

What does it mean when the dashboard brake light is on?

it could mean that your fluid is low and that could mean a bad master cylinder

No reverse on a Chevy S10 4wd extended cab 2000 but all forward gears are fine Is the tansmission fried?

Yes. Could just be that the linkage is not engaging reverse properly, try disconnecting the linkage at the transmission and manually putting it in reverse, if this works then you just need to adjust the linkage appropriately.

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Headlights on no power or lihgts on dashboard?

A fuse could be bad underneath your dash

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