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It keeps you legal and directs the exhaust fumes to the rear of the vehicle.

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Q: What does the tail pipe do?
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No tail pipe?

not goot

What is the best tail pipe company?


Honda crx tail pipe?

Yes they have them.

Acura Legend 91 over heats?

Explain what it is doing! is water coming out of the tail pipe? do you see white smoke coming out of the tail pipe?

What is an exhaust pipe?

That big pipe on the bottom of your car with the cat and muffler on it, ends in a tail pipe, squirts pixie dust.

Black tail pipe?

wrong gas mix

Why is the commerce clause important?

ram you in the tail pipe

What is the stock exhaust pipe size on a 1998 silverado?

its about 2.5" but that is from the headers to the muffler and the tail pipe is 3"

Where is the oxygen sensor in 1989 Grand Prix?

In the 1989 Grand Prix, the oxygen sensor is in the tail pipe. Look for a wire that is plugged into both the tail pipe and the undercarriage of the vehicle.

Where could the antifreeze be going in a 1996 explorer?

out the tail pipe

What causes black smoke from the tail pipe?

Unburnt fuel

Potatoes are good for what?

shoved up a car tail pipe

What is the part of the part of the car that discharges the exaughst?

Tail pipe

Where is the oxygen sensor on a 1996 Geo Prism?

It's screwed into the exhaust pipe.It's screwed into the exhaust pipe. Near the engine, not the tail pipe.

Clogged tail pipe?

If there is little or no exhaust coming out the pipe and a lack of power, it is most likely the catalytic converter bad.

Why is there smoke in the tail pipe when in reverse?

Purchase rechargeable batteries with charger.

What happens when you breathe from an exhaust pipe?

Do not breathe from a tail pipe. Exhaust fumes contain many componentst that will kill you if to much is inhaled.

Where is the heater core located on the 1994 Nissan maxima?

up your tail pipe

How do you lube the muffler bearing in a 1983 Corvette?

squirt it through the tail pipe

What causes soot in a tail pipe?

most likely, too much fuel.

How do you know if the transmission is going out?

Alot of sputtering of the moter and or smoking of the tail pipe

Failed oxygen sensor symptoms?

* Increase tail pipe emission * Rotten egg smell from tail pipe * Poor accelaration * Surging of car on acceleration * Miss firing at high RPM * Poor fuel economy

Whats the difference between tailpipe and exhaust?

The tail pipe is part of the exhaust system.

How do you connect a PVC pipe to a nylon tailpipe?

I am assuming by "tail pipe" that you mean the thin drain pipe from a sink. This can be connected to a PVC pipe by using a compression fitting. Your local home improvement/ hardware store should be able to help with this.

What does exhaust means?

Exhaust is an automobiles tail pipe. Emissions are submitted through this pipe into the air. The emissions from the exhaust (tail pipe) is pollution. You can find the exhaust on a vehicle in the rear half of the car sticking out. The exhaust is connected to the engine and the burnt fuel is now in the matter of a gas (emmisions) and it comes out of the exhaust (tail pipe.) The exhaust will be sticking straight out the back, in front of the right rear wheel, or from behind the right rear wheel. Alternatively it can also mean to use up or wear out