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Pre-Note of Issue 325-d Conferences

The majority of cases transferred to a Civil Court from a Supreme Court are not ready for trial. Almost all cases transferred are pre-note of issue actions which still require further litigation and judicial deliberation before a resolution will be achieved. In addition to their regular assignments, each Civil Court judge receives pre-note of issue cases that have been transferred from the Supreme Court.

There is also an Electronic Funds Prenote Process (EFPN), unrelated to the procedure used in civil court matters - it is used to notify the bank of the intention to begin using electronic funds transfers.

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What does passed mean on the civil lawsuit docket?

It means that, although the case may have been scehduled on the court docket that it was not called, for some reason or another.

What does civil mean?

Being civil can be defined as being courteous and polite.Example: We can be civil, but we are not friends.Civil is used in law, such as civil lawsuit.Civil was also used in the name of a war, the Civil War.

What does unqualified response in a lawsuit mean?

An unqualified response to a lawsuit is an answer to the lawsuit that has no legal reason to be a justifiable reason. For example, this could be a reason why payment is not made that is not recognized by a court as a legitimate reason for nonpayment.

What does a Defendant's Pro Se Answer mean?

Pro Se means that he does not have an attorney. An Answer is a response to a civil lawsuit

What does settle out of court mean in a lawsuit?

Means a settlement is mutually agreed upon by both parties so court is no longer necessary.

What does motion for change in venue mean?

when you ask the court to transfer your case to another court

What does the legal pharse mean friend of the court?

A friend of the court (amicus curiae) is a person (or organization) who is not one of the parties to a lawsuit, but who has knowledge about the subject matter of the lawsuit, usually a lawsuit of importance to a large number of people.. Courts may, if asked, allow an amicus curiae to file a legal brief in support of one of the parties to the lawsuit.

What does it mean to commence a lawsuit?

To commence a lawsuit means to start a given legal proceeding. A lawsuit refers to a very detailed term for a given court proceeding whereby a given individual seeks a legal remedy.

What does it mean if a court case is discontinued?

It means that the person who commenced the action (lawsuit) has dropped (cancelled) the action.

What does fully submitted mean in a supreme court civil cases in Brooklyn ny?

what does it mean to fully submitted in a civil case

Is this document a c?

Is this document a civil complaint or a lawsuit? A written appearance could also mean that you need to respond to a lawsuit. You should probably show this document to an attorney that can actually read it and review it.

What is the name Daniel mean?

It means "God is my judge". The judge is the arbitrator of a civil court. The person who brings his lawsuit knows he has a good case, therefore a fair judge is certain to acquit him. So the flavour of "God is my judge" is "God will acquit me".

When a court has both civil and criminal jurisdiction what does this mean?

It means that that court can hear both criminal or civil cases. Either a criminal case can be filed and heard in that court, OR a civil case can be filed and heard in that court. For instance: most(all?) state circuit courts fit this description.

What is the statute of limitations for a civil lawsuit in Washington state?

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What does court marshal mean?

A "court marshal" is the name given to a court operated by the military. Its processes are often different from those of a civil court. The phrase means "martial court" or "military court."

What does indirect civil contempt mean?

Direct contempt occurs in the presence of the court. Indirect contempt occurs outside the presence of the court, and Civil contempt often occurs indirectly.

What does in the process of filing a lawsuit mean?

It means that the actions necessary to file a lawsuit have been started, but the lawsuit has not been filed as of yet.

What does AC TR State Traffic Ticket mean?

AC= Assigned Court TR= Transfer Docket

What does party to a lawsuit mean?

When someone is referred to as a party to a lawsuit it means they are a litigant, either plaintiff or defendant.

What does dismissal of a lawsuit without prejudice mean?

It means that the lawsuit has been dismissed but may be refiled later.

What does the V mean in court cases?

'V.' stands for: - 'and' in civil cases - 'against' in criminal proceedings NOT 'versus'

What phoiba mean fear of lawsuit?


Can someone take you to court for throwing them out of a social club?

If by "take you to court" you mean can they file a lawsuit against you, yes they can. If they do, you will be required to respond and probably make a court appearance. The question of whether or not they will win any damages depends on the type of social club, why they were kicked out, and your state's laws.

What does it mean to have a lawsuit cash advance?

If you are the winner of a lawsuit,but have to wait for payment,there are services that will issue you an advance against the amount you have won.

What do you mean by free accss to courts?

The actual term is equal access to the courts. This means that everyone has equal access to the court system and its resources regardless of one's ability to pay. If a person has been prosecuted in a criminal case, or a lawsuit has been brought against them in a civil case, then the defendant has the right to access the court systems resources regardless of his ability to pay. Court resources include subpoenas for investigation, the ability to examine evidence, the ability to hide her expert witnesses or to have items tested for DNA, or anything else that is needed to defend one's self in court. A defendant does have the right to represent himself unless the judge feels that the person would not be competent enough to do so. On the flip side of this, a plaintiff in a civil case also has the right to initiate a lawsuit regardless of his ability to pay. If one can establish that he is indigent, like a defendant who has the right to have a public defender represent him in a criminal case, a plaintiff can file a lawsuit against a defendant at no cost.