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It means that automated translation sites produce terrible Latin.

This is what a certain popular site comes out with when presented with the English sentence "all glory is fleeting". What it really means is "The entire [masculine] palm [feminine] is fleeting".

"All glory is fleeting" would be Omnis Gloria volatilis est or Omnis Gloria fugax est.

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Q: What does totus palma est volatilis mean?
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What does Deus ubique est et totus ubique est mean?

"Deus ubique est." / "God is everywhere" Deus: God ubique: ubiquitious (everywhere) est: is and "totus" means all

What does In terminus nex est totus nos es mean?

nex est non terminus.=death is not the end

What is 'Vicis est volatilis' in English?

Vicis est volatilis is what you get when you tiry to translate the English sentence "time is flying" or "time is swift" using an online translator. It's not good Latin: vicis is "time" in the sense of "a time at bat", and furthermore never appears as the subject of a sentence. The proper translation is Tempus est volatile, or even better Tempus fugit.

Is est quam totus nostrum decorum dies terminus?

This is how all our beautiful days end

What does the latin phrase Totus est oblivione et totus est venia mean?

The words are Latin, but the grammar is not. It seems that the intent was to translate the sentence "All is forgotten and all is forgiven" into Latin, but what we have here is rather "The whole is by forgetfulness and the whole is by forgiveness." A better translation would be Omnia oblivioni data sunt et omnia ignota sunt.

What does totus est veritatis totus est permittis translation mean?

This looks like what you might get if you asked an automated Latin translator, or maybe just a novice with a dictionary, to work on the English sentence "Everything is true, everything is permitted." It's not actually Latin, but it looks like it might be. This seems to be a twist on the famous aphorism "nothing is true, everything is permitted" attributed to Hassan ibn Sabbah, the founder of the Order of the Assassins.

What is the Latin translation of All is Fleeting?

Memor Senior totus palma est volatilis.Answerrecordar que el senor toda la Gloria es efimero is the answer to this question! Answerrecordar que el senor toda la Gloria es efimero is the answer to this question! Well, the first is not good Latin, and the next is Spanish - not Latin.Domine memento totalitas gloriae fluxa.

What does the latin phrase Vita est brevis 'ars longa' vicis volatilis experiment proditus ratio difficilis translate to in English?

Vita est brevis life is short ars longa art long (here and in the rest of the phrase, "est," 3rd singular person active form of the verb to be, is carried from the previous part to the rest so to mean "art IS long") vicis volatilis change swift, change is swift experiment proditus ratio difficilis (here "experiment" should probably read "experimentUM" to make any sense, since "experiment" is not declined.) If so,: "experience having being put forth consideration is difficult" Hope this helps.

What is 'Lacrimas profundere est totus ego sum Vilis efficio' in English?

All that I do is shed tears. I produce worthless thingsis the English equivalent of 'Lacrimas profundere est totus ego sum. Vilis efficio'. In the word by word translation, the noun 'lacrimas' means 'tears'. The verb 'profundere' means 'to pour forth, to shed'. The verb 'est' means '[he/she/it] is'. The adjective 'totus' means 'the entire, the whole'. The personal pronoun 'ego' means 'I'. The verb 'sum' means '[I] am'. The adjective 'vilis' means 'cheap'. The verb 'efficio' means '[I] am doing, effecting, making, producing; do do, do effect, do make, do produce; or do, effect, make, produce'.

What does Ego vado video Deus velut vero est Ut ego relinquo totus in mei mens quis informis suus imago mean in English?

Nothing. The words are Latin, but they don't go together grammatically to express a coherent thought that could be translated.

What does est laid mean?

Mean ugly. est laid = to be ugly.

What does on est mean in french?

On est means It is.