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It increases your muscle mass. You'll actually gain weight but don't get discouraged. The gaining of weight from weight training is toning up that bubbly fat on your body and turning it into useful sexy muscle. Bench press five reps a day, You'll be suprised what you can bench press in a month. Squats kick your butt but really tone you up. Other gym exercise do as according.

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Q: What does weight training increase?
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With weight training can you increase the length of the muscles?

You do not increase the length of your muscles with weight training, just their strength and for a man, their bulk.

Does weight training increase hair loss?

No, the weight training does not increase hair loss. If you are weight training, make sure that you consume adequate protein and a good diet that includes beneficial fats and plenty of fresh vegetables, especially leafy green vegetables. A poor diet, or inadequate fat and protein, or a low fat diet, or a poor lifestyle, can sometimes increase hair loss or be the cause of some types of hair loss.

What is strength training?

Resistance training, often known as strength training or weight training, involves applying resistance to muscular contraction to increase skeletal muscle size, anaerobic capacity, and strength.

Will weight training shoes protect my feet?

Yes, weight training shoes may help protect your feet from harm while working out. It is also important that you start out slowly and gradually increase your weight training. It is also useful to stretch and warm up the body before a heavy work out to avoid injury.

Do adjustable dumbbells work for strength training?

Yes, dumbbells are a good source for strength training. For strength training you will need to work on less reps with more weight and slowly increase that over time.

Does weight training increase aggressiveness?

Weight training does not cause aggressiveness, however many weight lifters who are unsatisfied with the results end up turning to steroids. Steroids CAN cause aggressiveness, health problems and even sexual disfunction. However the men who use steroids will deny that.

Does your blood pressure increase after heavy weight training?

It certainly seems reason for blood pressure to increase. Look at body builders , their veins are bulging because of the pressure. its not good to your heart.

What is the best way to start a weight training routine safely?

The best way to start a weight training routine safely is to start out slow and move your self up the chains. Do your maxes and cut that in half for your routine schedule. You maxes should increase slowly.

What is the quickest way to lose weight with out having to take a pill and if you do not like fruit or vegtiables?

Strength training is the fastest way to healthily lose weight. The increase in muscle mass causes an increase in your metabolism, and an increase in the number of calories your body burns per day. The more calories you burn per day, the more you need to eat to maintain your current weight. However, a well rounded diet will be necessary to provide enough energy for any serious training routine.

Where can I get weight training?

For free weight training I would look in to It is a very informative article that discusses the benefits of weight training and gives you tips on weight training.

Why isit good to do weight training?

weight training strengthens your skeletal muscels

Does weight lifting increase body mass?

Weight training will force your body to adapt to the stress(weights) that you put on it. your bodu responds by building more muscle protein which will make you weigh more, don't let this discourage you from training however) remember BMI is nonsense.