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What drinks have glucose?

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Gatorade Contains good levels of Glucose in it. Also energy drinks contain Glucose. A lot of juices do not contain glucose. They contain fructose which is different. Gatorade I found is one of the cheapest out there.

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How could you quantify the amount of glucose in a range of commercially available glucose drinks?

colorimetric analysis

I am measuring how much glucose is in diffent foods and drinks. What is a good title for science project about glucose?

a good title would be glucose levels.

Why do soft drinks have fructose instead of glucose?

Because fructose is better

Which foods contain glucose?

Candy / soft drinks / anything sweet... but you probably knew that.

What is a oral glucose tolerance test?

Blood samples are taken from a vein before and after a patient drinks a thick, sweet syrup of glucose and other sugars

Why do most soft drinks contain fructose instead of glucose?

Because high-fructose corn syrup is cheap and that lets them get higher profits from selling the drinks.

Does glucose taste sweet?

Most of the time glucose is sweet. for example it is usually found it fruits, baby food, and surprisingly soft drinks. But these are just some of the examples.

What makes energy drinks energetic?

Well, energy drinks have a lot of caffine in them. Much like a cup of coffee. The caffine in the energy drinks serves as a stimulent for our bodies that boosts our endorphins (that good-feeling sympton you have) and they raise glucose levels. (which is why energy drinks tend to have a lot of them)

What ingredient in energy drinks gives you energy?

glucose, sucrose, taurine, and caffeine gives an artificial 'high'

How do sports drinks work?

They work by the sugars and glucose that are in them, glucose absorbs water and water just hydrates for a curtain amount of time, but salts hold on to the water becasue it absorbs it

Sport drinks contain glucose how does this help with performance?

Glucose is a carbohydrate. Carbohydrates are your main source of energy during exercise. By drinking sports drinks while exercise, you increase the amount of energy your body can use. This allows you to be able to exercise longer or at a higher intensity without fatiging.

What is the difference between water and sports drinks?

Water has its own sugars and completely healthy for you, as sports drinks contain lots of sugar and glucose, giving you more energy than water.

Foods that contain Glucose?

Some foods that contain glucose are sweets, fizzy drinks, high sugar breakfast cereals, basically anything containingsugar. Even TABLE sugar........ this is tricky!!

Why do athletes drinks Gatorade and other glucose?

to replace complex sugars, and electrolytes. restoring the bodys chemical state

What energy drinks or regular drinks gives more energy?

Energy drinks give you more energy because the chemical that is in it when you frist drink lets out an chemical full of energy and an energy drink alos contains glucose contains a lot of energy I think i am not too sure!

Why do runnners often sip glucose drinks?

Glucose is what gives us energy. So when we have too much Glucose our liver will store it and convert it into Glycogen. When we exercise this Glycogen us converted back. but we can work this off during exercise do if you are running you need an extra supply of Glucose to provide you and your muscles with energy. If that helps atall? :) xx

Why do carbohydrate drinks need to be consumed during a marathon?

Carbohydrates enter the blood stream as glucose, which serves as a high-energy source of fuel so that your body can make it through the rigorous run. Carbohydrates are an essential part of the diets of distance runners because the glucose is absorbed in the liver and synthesized into glycogen (strands of glucose), which are used by runners during marathons as the primary energy source. The carbohydrate drinks help to maintain your energy level.

Is it okay for a Diabetic to drink Diet Coke?

Many type I diabetics drink Diet Coke to help regulate ketone levels. Type II diabetics drink diet drinks to help regulate blood glucose levels. The thing is that the aspartame that is used to sweeten many diet drinks has side effects in some people and can be dangerous in higher amounts. Any beverage that a diabetic drinks in moderation and with consideration for blood glucose levels and carbohydrate content is fine.

What is a energy drink?

I think energy drinks full of vitamins, sugar, glucose high in fructose, food coloring and other preservatives. thats all

When sugar and water are mixed together what happens?

Here is the solution:The normal sugar is Sucrose, when it is dissolved in water it slowly decomposes to Glucose and Fructose. The reaction is catalyzed by acids (H+) like in soft drinks.C12H22O11 + H2O --[H+]--> C6H12O6(Glucose) + C6H12O6

Why do you think marathon competitors drink glucose drinks rather then eat a food containing carbohydrates?

While running a marathon competitors drink glucose drinks to resupply their bodies with energy. They do this rather than eating a food containing carbohydrates because it is physically easier and quicker to drink a glucose drink than it is to try to bite and chew a food containing carbohydrates. Also, glucose in liquid form can enter the bloodstream much more quickly than glucose broken down from carbohydrate metabolism and requires much less energy to digest compared with a solid food. Finally, many people feel nauseated when performing strenuous exercise immediately after a meal of solid food.

What foods should a long distance runner eat before a long race?

Carbohydrates. Pasta Bananas Slow energy releasing drinks, with glucose in them. Lots of water for hydration Sports drinks like Gatorade can also help, but not too much, you'll feel sick.

Why are soft drinks called soft drinks?

On the assumption that alcoholic drinks are 'hard' drinks. So non-alcoholic drinks are soft drinks.

Why do marathon runners drink glucose drinks?

they drink glucose because it has a special ingredient called 'the chaccaoron bug' it's full of sugar that makes you at least 3 times faster. And it improves endurance and other stuff lolollollololololo type it in on youtube. chaccaron maccaron NOW!

Why do you need carbohydrates and glucose?

Carbohydrates is one of the essential nutrients made up of compounds of carbon , hydrogen and oxygen with hydrogen and oxygen always in the ratio 2:1 . Carbohydrates and glucose help in releasing energy . Sugar , drinks like Boost , Horlicks are good source of carbohydrates .