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What drugs can a police dog smell?


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almost anything.


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because they are good at smelling and therefor can smell out baddie's and drugs

The dog is trained not to just smell, but to smell drugs and poison and stuff like that so the police have evidence to who ever they are searching, its the same with those airport dogs that sniff through your suitcase for any unwanted items like wine or drugs. Hope that helped!

If it is a police trained k-nine unit dog, then it can detect alcohol by sense of smell as well as drugs.

by the smell of the explosive

a police horse can be ridden and carry heavy amounts whereas a dog cannot. a dog also has a keener sense of smell :)

Drug dogs are trained to sniff out illegal drugs - however if you don't have a prescription for it, you could be arrested for having it.

Yes, here was actually a kid in my math class who got caught with cigarettes by a police dogYes! It is possible to train dogs to detect ciggarettes, just the same as drugs

1. German Sheperd for Speed and Smell

they can smell drugs or smell arson stuff like bombs and they usually work for police.

If have reasonable suspicion of Bomb or Drugs, -Bring in dog.

It's because dogs have an acute sense of smell, and other senses. With proper training police can use their sense of smell to detect drugs, contraband, to chase down a criminal's scent and such.

A German Shepherds sence of smell is very strong along with their biting. They can smell chemicals in the air that humans can't. They are also used as police dogs. Police use these dogs to smell out drugs. These dogs have the second most powerful bite to a rotwiler.

Yes, all dogs have a very keen sense of smell. Drugs could have been moved months earlier and they can still smell them. Yes they can detect a previous drug location.

They are taught to sniff out drugs, bombs and dead people,alsp they are taught to smell for people who are missing.

They can only smell what they are trained to smell bomb dogs only smell for explosives. Drug dogs only smell for what drugs they where trained to smell and a missing persons dogs is trained to pick up different humans by command of the officer. U can train your dog to smell out what ever u want take a tennis ball or sock put the item or smell u want him to learn after a few times of fetch or training him to find it when u hide it with treats after every time they actually find it then u will have a sniffing dog real soon

Depends on what drug that school is having a problem with or what the dog is trained for, sometimes they search for all drugs or do it by random

First, they are adopted by the police when they are puppies, then as they grow, they will undergo TRAINING, they will get used to sniffing out drugs, like officers give K-9s different substances of drugs for they to memorize, later they will hide a conceal SAME substance in a Car, if the dog sniff it out, most likely they will stop or bark. Like missing persons, dogs are used to sniff the children's clothing from where they disappear, because they were trained to do that. Hope This Helps :)

Illegal drugs can smell like anything, it changes from drug to drug.

Your German Shepherd could be a police dog, a drugs and explosives detector, a guard, a rescue dog, a sheep dog, etc... That dog is the third more intelligent dog in the world.

The K9 police department has very well trained dogs that they use to search out drugs and they can easily detect the smell of pot on your body. Why use Pot, makes you stupid.

A police dog that is out on police patrol.

Drugs smell like rotten eggs and it doesn't matter you should stay away from them!

A police dog is an ordinary dog (owned by the police force) and trained to do specific tasks that aid the police in performing their duties,

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