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a lot of things eat it javillina, deer etc..... even humans eat it

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What eats a cactus mouse?

cactus cats

What animal eats star cactus?

some herbivorus animals eats star cactus

What eats cactus wrens?

snakes and blue jays eat cactus wren

What happens if a bearded dragon eats cactus?

He wont eat another cactus.

Is a roadrunner a herbivore?

No he is a carnivore and a Herbivore because he eats snakes and eats cactus.

What does a saguaro cactus eat?

It eats water

What eats Prickly pear cactus?


What eats a crimson hedgehog cactus?


What desert bird eats the barrel cactus?

No bird eats the barrel cactus. However, some birds may feed on the fruit of the plant and its seeds.

Can beetles eat cactuses?

Yes, beetles can eat cactuses. For example, a cactus pest is the vine weevil. In its white larval stage, the weevil eats cactus roots and burrows into cactus stems. The two pronged attack causes the cactus to collapse and die. In its adult beetle stage, the weevil eats above ground, outside body parts of the cactus.

What eats opuntia cactus in the islands of galapagos?

In the galapagos island tortoises eat opuntia cactus.

What eats the Prickly Pear Cactus?

Human eat the prickly pear on the cactus! its quite tasty!

When a iguana eats all the flowers of a cactus will limit the ability of the cactus to?

It loses its ability to reproduce

Which desert animal eats cactus?

kangaroo rats

What did the camel ate?

A camel eats acacia and cactus

What is an animal that eats a cactus?

deer,people, and raabbits.

What eats a cactus wren?

Blue jays and snakes

Symbiosis relationship between a saguaro cactus and Gila woodpecker?

The cactus gives the woodpecker a protected home and the woodpecker eats small enemies of the cactus that get on it

Are cactus roots?

no they are spikey plants and cat food rocks the cactus eats bean heads like u

Do pocket mice eat small tender cactus?

I don't know it for sure but most mammals eats cactus.

What type of animal eats the African peyote cactus?


What eats Joshua tree?

I most likly am super wrong but i believe a 'cactus wren' eats the fruits :0

What eats the barrel cactus?

The barrel cactus is generally too well armed with spines that few, if any, animals will attempt to eat it.

What eats the Saguaro cactus?

No large animals that I am aware of eat the saguaro. The prickly pear cactus is usually the choice for many animals.

What desert animal eats cactus?

Javelinas find the prickly pear cactus to be a welcome delicacy in the deserts of the southwestern United States.