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What economic effect did the Mexican War have on the US?

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The economic effects were five new states: California, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico.

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What was the effect of the Civil War on the US?

An economic crisis

What was the political effect of the Mexican war within the US?

increase of sectional tensions. Catalyst of Civil war.

What effect did World War 2 have on opportunity in the US?

The war increased opportunity Mexican immigrants but limited it for Japanese immigrants.

What effect did the US victory in the 1848 Mexican-American war have on the Mormons?

The US victory in the Mexican-American war meant that the land (now Utah) that was occupied by the Mormons was now a part of the United States.

How did US win the Mexican War?

How did the U.S. win the Mexican-American War?

What effect did the Mexican-American War and the California Gold Rush have on the growth of the US?

Both of those events accelerated the growth of the US.

What kind of impact did the Mexican War have on the US?

It gave us the Mexican Cession.

Did Mexico and the US go to war over the Mexican border?

The US did NOT go to war with Mexico for the Mexican border, but they didn't go to war for the American border either. They fought for the US-Mexican border.

How did the war effect life in the US?

Just a few questions: * Which war? * Which areas of the US? * Which age group, economic group, etc.? * Who's lives effected and how were they effected?

Who was US President during the Mexican American War?

James Knox Polk was the US president during the Mexican War.

Who did the US fight in the Mexican-American War?

It is called the Mexican American war for a reason. The US fought Mexico.

What war was fault after the war of 1812?

The US-Mexican war.

What was the effect of World War 2 on US economic and military power and responsibilities?

The US became an industrial giant equipped with nuclear power.

Was the Mexican War the first battle of the US Civil War?

The Mexican, or its other name, the Mexican-US War, was in 1846. There is no direct connection to the US Civil War, other then that many of the generals of the Civil War, fought together and came to know each other.

What US president fought in the Mexican American war?

JFK fought in the Mexican American war

What were the results of the Mexican American War?

A US victory and Mexican Cession.

What nation did we defeat in the Mexican American War?

The US won the Mexican American War against Mexico.

Who is the Mexican President that will fight against the US in the Mexican War?

Santa Anna

What Mexican President fought the US in the Mexican American War?

Santa Anna.

Who fought the US in the Mexican war?

The Mexican Army under Santa Anna.

What was the nickname for the Mexican war?

A nickname for the Mexican-American War was the Invasion of Mexico. It is also known as the US-Mexican War. It lasted from April 1846 until February 1848.

Who did the US go to war with in 1845?

1845 was the Mexican-American War.

When was the last time the US and Mexico fougth war?

the Mexican War

When did the us fight in the Mexican American war?

when did the war of 1812 end

Should the US construct a memorial to this war within the US on the Mexican American war?


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