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What eduation or training is required in Interior Design?

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At the least, a bachelors degree with a four year college.

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What classes are required for interior design?

Classes on Fine Art, 3D Designs and Interior Architecture are important for interior designing.

Where am I able to get interior design training and for how much?

the should be able to help youwith training in the interior design field. They are said to be one of the most affordable online institutes, offering many fields of study.

What schools in the Orlando, FL area offer interior design training?

There are three schools in the Orlando, FL area that offer interior design training. These schools are The Art Institutes, Academy of Art University, and Keiser University.

Are there reputable online schools for training in jobs for interior design?

It is unlikely that an online interior design course will give you enough knowledge and practical experience to become a qualified interior designer recognised by the National Council for Interior Design Council. However, they can be a good introduction to the field.

What colleges offer interior design training?

The International Academy of Design and Technology is a recommended school as well as the Art Institute. Westwood College is also a great school for people intested in interior design

What education and training is required to become fashion designer?

[[Image:Information.svg|25px]] The training you might need to become an interior decorator are CXC subjects, training in Visual Arts, Animation, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Web Design, Interactive Media, Photography, Fashion, Retail Management, Kitchen & Bath Design, and Restaurant & Catering Management. == == Well, to be an interior designer it depends. It takes three years at a year round school to get a bachelors degree and a degree in both commercial and residential design. At a regular university, it takes 4 years for a bachelors degree. Now, technically you are an interior designer, but without experience you still have nothing. You will need experience, depending on how fast you can pick up and how good your personal design style stands out amongst others

Do you have to have a college degree to be an interior designer?

The following is written by and according to the U.S. Department of Labor and particular to the education and training required for interior designers.An associate or bachelor's degree is needed for entry-level positions in interior design. Some States license interior designers.Education and training. Postsecondary education is necessary for entry-level positions in interior design. Training programs are available from professional design schools or from colleges and universities and usually take 2 to 4 years to complete. Graduates of 2-year or 3-year programs are awarded certificates or associate degrees in interior design and normally qualify as assistants to interior designers upon graduation. Graduates with a bachelor's degree usually qualify for a formal design apprenticeship program.For the source and more detailed information concerning your request, click on the related links section (U.S. Department of Labor) indicated directly below this answer section.

What is the approximate cost of education and training for interior design?

I would say around 20,000 dollars.

Is the Sheffield School of interior design accredited?

Yes, the Sheffield School of Interior Design is certified by the New York State Distance Education and Training Council to train and graduate certified interior designers, Feng Shui interior designers, and wedding and event

What degrees and or certifications can you earn by attending an interior design school?

Interior design schools can offer a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design, an Associates degree in Interior Design, and a Diploma program in Residential Design.

Where is a good place to learn about interior design online?

There are many places one can learn about interior design online. You can try blogs on interior design, forums on interior design, or even sites that specialize in selling interior design products.

What is the difference between a certificate in interior design and an AA degree in interior design?

What is the difference between a certificate in interior design and an AA degree in interior design? email

What is the difference between architectural interior design and interior design?

Architectural interior design- means that you design building e.g decorate house outside. Interior design- means that you design rooms e.g. you decorate hotels, rooms etc.

What is an interior design consultant?

an interior desing consultant is some one who consults in interior design

How many credit hours are required for an Interior Design bachelor's degree in Florida?

Between 124 and 128

Where can you find an interior design school in Philadelphia?

There are a variety of places in the Philadelphia area that offer training for interior design. A few of these places are Moore College of Art & Design, Drexel University and The Art Institute of Philadelphia. The first two listed have very good ratings.

What is another word for interior design?

Another great word phrase for interior design is "interior consultant".

What is the difference between interior design and interior decoration?

interior designers may decorate, but decorators do not design

What are some classic books about interior design?

Some classic books about interior design are The Better Homes and Garden books. These interior design books have been around for a long time. Another good Interior Design Book is Home by Design.

How can you get a degree in interior design?

You go to a college that offers a degree in interior design.

Is the interior design institute a scam?

I bet Interior Design Institute is a scam.

What is required to become a 'Interior Designer'?

Learn about the education and preparation needed to become an interior designer. Interior designers are skilled professionals who combine extensive training with creativity to become qualified. Training to become an interior designer takes two to four years and is available from professional design schools or colleges and universities. One can earn an associate degree or certificate by attending a two to three year program, or a bachelor's degree by attending a four year program.They work with clients to develop design solutions that are safe, functional, attractive and meet the needs of the people using the space.

What are some companies that specialize in online interior design?

Some online interior design companies include: HMD Home, edesignboutique, Designer at Home and Digital Interior Design. Homemade Design (HMD) is one of the leading online interior design services.

What kinds of classes do I need for an interior design certification?

Interior design doesn't require a degree, but it doesn't hurt to have one either. Or at least a bit of training and experience. Design courses at your local community college are an excellent bet, and can offer you the connections to get the right certification for the job you want in the future.

How do I find interior design schools online?

You can find interior design schools by googling them online. Go to, and type in "interior design schools" and it will give you schools.

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