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What education or training do you need to become a wedding planner?


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== == As a hotel manager, I've worked with scores of Wedding Planners over the years and I'd say connections are more important than education. There is no recognized accreditation or education for becoming a Planner. Certainly a B.A. in Communications or Business would be helpful, but most Wedding Planners draw customers from their social network. It helps to have an upper middle class background, since that's the strata most clients belong to. An apprenticeship with an established meeting planner would be useful, as well. More input: * More and more people are becoming interested in becoming Wedding Planners, and consequently - if there is greater competition for the role - the greater the need for a formal qualification. People using this kind of service are paying good money, and if they check your credentials, they will want to know that you are experienced, qualified or both. A recognized Certificate will certainly help! Wedding Planning companies, offer hands on courses to teach people the role of a wedding planner and coordinator. Wedding Planning training can also be done as a distance learning course. Running a wedding planning business or working in one, is much more than just understanding the wedding market. You need good business knowledge, understanding of marketing, finance, book-keeping, relationship management and a drive and ambition that you cannot be taught. Basic Business Management courses will teach you a large amount of what you need to know, and then just do a one day or two day course specializing in Wedding Planning and Coordination.


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no special training or education is needed to become a wedding planner, no experience is needed.

There is training that is available for a wedding planner career. You can also try and work with an extablished planner and learn.

No, there is no federal training required to become a wedding planner. You should have a decent amount of planning experience.

where can you study to become a wedding planner?

There are no math classes you need to take to become a wedding planner. You don't need certain training or a specific degree. There are wedding planner classes you can take, but they are not heavy in math.

you should be a C.A(chartyer accountant) to become a certified financial planner.

Special training is not required in order to become a wedding planner, but it is recommended. There are several places that can teach you the ins and outs of the job, as well as teach you tips for dealing with customers, business, and the like.

People wishing to become a wedding planner can attend a certificate program or two year associates degree. Although school is offered it is not required to become a wedding planner.

Becoming a wedding planner is a natural talent. If you love planning events specially wedding and bridal showers then a career in wedding planning is definitely a yes. To read an article if you should be a wedding planner, go to

There are a list of available places to go to be a wedding planner. There are colleges, and even online programs to be a certified wedding planner. It is a dying profession, however, and this questioner should be warned it has become harder to become one

There is no school training necessary to become a wedding planner. If you are skilled at working on a deadline, dealing with high-stress situations, and enjoy a hands-on job, it may be perfect for you. There are lots of books available on wedding planning. You can find them everywhere from your local library to

The role of the wedding planner will develop. In order to become more of a mainstream job in large companies, the industry needs to become more welcoming and has to begin to understand the role of the wedding planner and coordinator. Equally brides and grooms also need to begin to spend time understanding how a wedding planner can help them and enhance their wedding planning experience. Hopefully, Wedding Planner jobs in the future will be rewarding, well paid and plentiful, with some companies leading the way in training, career paths and recognition.

While training is not required to become a wedding planner, it is almost certainly helpful. Not only can it help you learn techniques on starting your own wedding planner business, but they will also teach you how to deal with a multitude of aspects that you will face. If you are still in high school, I would suggest perhaps calling other wedding planners in your area and asking them if they would take you on as a mentor. You will more than likely not get paid for such services, but the education you would receive from them will be priceless in the long run.

no you do not need a degree to become a wedding planer. but you can have a degree

you have to have the skill of photography and consult with a wedding planner

You do not have to take a class to become a wedding planner. Being certified does look good to your clients and may lead to you making more money.

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If you want to become a professinal wedding planner than yes. but if not then no.

Start looking online and in your local phone directory for wedding planner courses and businesses. Find out what you need to do to acquire a license for wedding planning.

You can go to college to be a wedding planner. Try looking up online different colleges in your area and see what is avalible.

You do not need any kind of legal certification to become a wedding planner. You should have a decent amount of planning experience.

You need to be a legal adult (18+)

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GCSEs are a high school qualification in Britain. You don't need any specific GCSEs to become a wedding planner. However, having Math's, English and Science would help.

You can easily become certified as a wedding planner through several online programs.One of the most popular programs is the Penn Foster Career School which offers several flexible options.

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