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You may already know that all Peace Corps Volunteers must be U.S. citizens of at least 18 years of age. Here are a few things that might surprise you: There is no upper age limit. In fact, the oldest Volunteer ever to serve in the Peace Corps was 86. You don't have to know another language. Having a four-year college degree by the time you're ready to leave for the Peace Corps will help your chances of acceptance. But it isn't absolutely necessary, and for some programs work experience, relevant skills, and/or a community college degree can qualify you.

2006-08-26 05:05:52
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Q: What education or training do you need to join the Peace Corps?
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What is required to join the Peace Corps?

One can work for Peace Corps as soon as he or she is available for volunteering work in the areas of education, health, community development, agriculture, environment and IT. One should support also the goals of Peace Corps.

How much training till you can be in the marines corps?

you need absolutely no training what-so-ever to join the Marine Corps. The Marine Corps itself will provide any and all required training.

Can you join the Military and the Peace Corps?

Yes, but you can't be both.

Can you join the peace corps if im behind on child support?


What year did Mae jemison join the peace corps?


Do you have to be American to join peace corps?

Yes, you have to be an American citizen.

How many people join the peace corps?

over 200,000

Why you join the navy?

Education and Training

Can you join the university officer training corps and the university air squadron?

you have to join one or the other

How do you become a service oriented person?

Join the Peace Corps or military.

How did young Americans respond to John F Kennedy's challenge?

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Can you join the peace corps if you have back child support?

or any child support obligation

Can you join the Peace Corps with diabetes?

of course you can! they just need the help.

Can you join the peace corps after the military?

Of course, almost anyone is up to join. You should contact your nearest Peace Corps Recruiter to go ahead and start pushing your application through. I myself am going through with the application and served the United States Marine Corps! So go for for it Bother/sister in arms!

Did male Peace Corps volunteers in the 1960s receive exemption from the Draft?

There were several ways someone could legally avoid the draft during the 1960s. The Peace Corps was one way. As long as you were in training or in service in another nation, you would not be drafted. You could also join VISTA, Volunteers in Service to America. It was a domestic type of Peace Corps. If you were a teacher you were also exempt from the draft. If you remained in college and took a full schedule of classes, you were exempt.

How do you join peace corps?

The first step is to fill out an application. You can find out more info and apply at

When did wilfred Owen join the war?

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Why do people want a peace corps job?

People who join Peace Corps have the desire to to learn about other cultures and show others their, American, culture. They want to bring different cultures together in peace and mutual understanding, strengthening the bonds between America and other countries.

Where can you go if you're are 20 and you have no job and soon will have no home to live in and it's approaching fast?

You are young try Job Corps they provide meals, housing & job training. You could also join AmeriCorps or peace corps too. Joining the army, navy, or any branch of the military is also an option food, housing, training & pay. You could apply for financial aid & enroll in a community college that offers housing the maximum stay is two years but you'll have education and job placement possibilities. I Hope this helps.

Which organization did President Kennedy inspire thousands of Americans to join to share their experience and knowledge with less fortunate nations?

Peace Corps

Can you join the Marine Corps at 17?

You can join the Marine Corps at 17 with HSD/GED and parental consent

Can a marine join the air force after enlistment is up?

You can join any military branch after the Marine Corps, with a clean record of course. You won't have to go through their basic training though.

Facism and education?

Nationalism and military training were major parts of education in fascist states. In Nazi Germany, boys were required to join the Hitler Youth, and girls were required to join the Bund Deutscher Maedchen.

Where can you get notes for distance education?

I am completed for foundation course in Annamalai university. I can join for teacher training. Please answer it.

Can you join the marine corps with asthma?