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What effect did World War 2 have on agriculture in the US?

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The Effect it had On the Us was taxes

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What effect did World War 2 have on the US?

it was a bad war!

What effect does world war 1 have on us today?


How did World War 2 to effect the US?

we ate poopsicles for months after world war two

What effect did World War 1 and World War 2 have on the American economy?

it put us in debt

What effect did World war 1I have on opportunity in the US?

The war increased opportunity for women

What did not stimulate an increase in agricultural production in the US in World War II?

An increase in the number of people employed in agriculture

How did the Boston Tea Party effect the US in world war 2?

The Boston Tea Party was at the beginning of the Revolutionary War, not World War II.

How did japan effect the us in World War 2?

It bombed Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

How did World War 2 effect the US economy?

It helped rebuild it after the Great Depression

What effect that the Spanish American war have on history?

The greatest effect is that the US victory made it a "world power" for the first time.

What were the effect of World War 2 in Mexico?

As a close neighboring country to the US, they shared the benefits of US industrialization.

How did you US effect World War 1?

The US had a fresh unlimited pool of manpower, Germany was becoming exhausted.

What effect did World War 2 have on opportunity in the US?

The war increased opportunity Mexican immigrants but limited it for Japanese immigrants.

What effect did the US involvement have on the war?

in the year of 1999 the us had the war.

What effect did the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor have on US forigen policy?

The attack brought the US into World War 2. It changed the neutral status in that war.

What effect did the bombing of Pearl Harbor have on the people involved?

it took us into world war 2

What effect did the US have on World War 2 outcome?

Industrial might overcame the axis powers.

How did World War 2 Effect the US Economy And Government?

It effected us, not at all. You see, the US was merely an alliance, not a part of the war, therefor no economy or government was put out of its place.

Why was the cold war a world wide affair?

Because the US and the USSR were world powers. World powers are called world powers because they EFFECT the world.

How does Veterans Day effect us?

it's the day world war 1 (supposedly the war to end all wars) ended.

What is the effect of the attack on France in World War 2?

The effect was that Germany attakes France which is an ally of US and Britain, Britain was brought into war and Germans destroyed France almost completely

What ship was sunk that caused the US to enter World War 1?

The sinking of the Lusitania had an effect. 128 US citizens were drowned, but this was in 1915 & the US does not enter the war until April of 1917....

Why guns effect the US?

They have an effect on the world.

What was the effect of the US entering into World War 2?

Positive for th allies. US entry indicated that the war material needed to continue the fight would become available.

What was the effect on peoples diet in World War 2?

As a general trend, people ate less, since World War 2 was the first instance of rationing in US History.