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The triangular trade brought Alcoholism to Africa. Slavery destroyed societies and infrastructure. Today, it is possible to look at pictures an see where roads and farms existed before slavery destroyed them.

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Africa along with America and Europe participated in the columbian exchange. Africa gave new foods away and they also received new foods. Disease also spread during the Columbian Exchange.

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contributed slaves and food

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Q: What effect did the Columbian exchange have on Africans?
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How did the enslaved africans contribute to the Columbian Exchange?

The Africans worked on sugar plantations and they grew all kinds of things so they Europeans can trade durng the Columbian Excahnge.

What negative things happened to Africans during the Columbian exchange?

enslavement, death

What deadly effect did the Columbian Exchange have?


What effect did the columbian exchange have?

the transfer of disease

What negative effect did the Columbian exchange have?

the transfer of disease

Africans were largely unaffected by which disease introduced to the new world as a part of columbian exchange?


What animal had the greatest effect during the columbian exchange?

the horse

What was the effect of the Columbian Exchange on the people of the Americas?

the introduction of smallpox

Which animal in the columbian exchange had the greatest effect on native?

the horse

What was a negative effect of the Columbian exchange?

The introduction of smallpox to the native Americans.

What was a major effect of columbian exchange?

New food sources for Europe.

What animal in the Columbian exchange had the greatest effect on native American culture?

the horse