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What effect did war have on industry?

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2007-07-20 01:43:23

War did, and continues to have, a large effect on industry in

both nations involved. To fight a war, the military needs guns,

bullets, tanks, planes, computers, uniforms, you name it.

Obviously, the government doesn't constantly purchase wartime

supplies of these goods from manufacturerers. So when the demand

increases during war, production of these good exceeds the level of

peacetime production. As a result, industry booms. However, war can

have a negative impact on industry if the war is being fought near

the center of industrial production or if the supply lines for raw

materials is interupted by the fighting. For example, a factory may

be producing record numbers of bullets for the war effort, but if

the rail lines that bring the gunpowder and lead to the factory are

destroyed by the fighting, the factory will not be able to


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