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get a universal fuel pump from any auto parts store you want to run between 4-7 pounds of pressure

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โˆ™ 2006-07-26 16:59:50
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Q: What electric fuel pump would be best for a Chevy 350 with edelbrock 4 barrel carb what PSI is the best?
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Need to replace carb on 82 el camino what would be a good performance choice dont know if it 2 or 4 barrel. It has a 305 engine.?

I would get an Edelbrock performer 4bbl. intake manifold with a Edelbrock 600 CFM. carb, summit racing has everything you need. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Holley 650 double pumper for the win!

Is the edelbrock torker manifold aluminumor cast iron?

I have never seen a cast iron edelbrock intake so I would think not.

How would the performance change if you changed from a 2 barrel carb to a 4 barrel carb on a stock Chevy 400ci?

A four barrel carb usually adds about 20 hp.

What kind of carberatour does your 1982 Chevy pick-up truck have?

That would be a Rochester 2-barrel are a 4-barrel Quadrajet. You did not say what size. This would not be what they call a FEEDBACK carburetor

Where would you find a vacuum line routing diagram for a small block 350 with a 600 cfm edelbrock carb on it?

go to google or yahoo and do a search for "vacuum line routing edelbrock"..... it should give you alot of pages. choose the one from edelbrock.

How much horsepower would a stock GMC 305 have if you put an edelbrock performer intake edelbrock carb headers and a summit cam with 282 int and 292 exh?

around 220hp i would say

Can you put a 1 barrel carb on a Chevy 305 engine?

with adapters you could but it would probably lack performance and efficiency.

Will an electric supercharger harm an 1996 Chevy cavaler engine?

I can't see any reason that it would.

What size carburetor would you recommend for an sbc 383 making about 400 hp Currently you have an edelbrock 600 cfm with electric choke don't think it's enough?

Answer I HAVE A 381 STROKER IN MY TRUCK AND I TRYED A 670 HOLLY AND IT WAS NOT ENOUGH I HAD TO AJUST ON IT ALL THE TIME ,I WENT TO A 750 EDELBROCK AND IT RUNS GREAT.750cfm, vacuum secondaries. also add an additional vacuum canister. you will not have brakes under hard accelleration if you have power brakes. the 383 is notorious for not creating normal vacuum. Answerdefinetely Edelbrock 750 cfm carb If it were me i would get rid of the junk edelbrock carb and get a good 670 cfm holley street avenger carb that's more than enough carb for a sb 383 up to 550 hp

You have a 1984 305 Chevy HO engine with 480 lift cam standard exhaust manifold and 650 Holley carb you would like to what intake to use?

The Edelbrock Performer and Performer RPM would be good choices. Also there are a couple Weiand dual plane intakes that would work well.

Can you estimate hp for a 1977 corvette 350fresh overhaul with vortec iron heads part no12558060 and with an edelbrock 2116 manifold and 1406 edelbrock carb stock hp was 1804000rpm?

With stock manifolds I expect this motor would be around 300HP.

What electric problem would cause a 2008 Chevy Impala slow to crank?

It could be a weak battery or a bad ignition coil.

Where is the location of the coolant temp sensor for a 1999 Chevy suburban?

That would be the electric switch that is screewed into the intake to the left of the thermostat housing.

Can you replace a 2 barrel carb with a 4 barrel carb on a Chevy 350?

Yes. Generally you would also want to replace the intake manifold as well, but there are adapters made for this purpose that work fairly well with some loss of efficiency.

Can you change a single barrel to a two barrel?

Nope. You would still have only one firing pin- but now it would not be in line with EITHER barrel.

How much would a wheel barrel full of quarters be?

a barrel full

Im trying to get more power out of my Chevy 305 for an 81 el camino i wanted to know what would be a better fit a edelbrock 500 cfm carb or 600 carb?

(305 displacement x 5250 rpm) divided by 3456 = 463 cfm carburetor 500 cfm x 3456 divided by 305 = 5666 rpm I would say if you are just using the engine for the street, a 500 cfm carburetor is more than enough. Perhaps an edelbrock with an electric choke would work nicely. The carburetor is only supplying the fuel. A longer duration cam, say around 200 degrees at .050 might perk up the engine a little and still let you run vacuum for brakes and automatic transmission. You would just have to read what others have done and look at performance parts companys online and see what people say.

What heads to use on a Chevy 350 for dragracing?

This is really just a prefrence, most run aluminum. From Dart, Edelbrock etc. Depends on what racing you are doing, what cam you have. Intake, Header sizing. Probably the only general information would be some with a 2.02 intake valve diameter and a 1.6 exhaust.

What kind of carburetor do you need for 350 chevy truck สป77?

The oem is a Rochester Quadrajet, but you could also use a Holley, Carter or Edelbrock, among others. It would be best to pick a carb that you or someone you know and trust knows how to tune. In the alternative, buy a book on tuning the carb of your choice.

Where would you find a barrel organ played?

You would often find the barrel organ being played in churches.

What is colorless and weightless but if you put it into a barrel the barrel would become lighter?

A hole

What was the price of a barrel of oil in 1990 and 1991?

In 1990: $23.19 per barrel. (this would equal about $38.35 in 2010).In 1991: $20.20 per barrel. (this would equal about $32.14 in 2010).

On a small block 305 with a edelbrock preformer intake and an edelbrock 600 cfm carb and headers with hei where should the timing be set how many degrees.?

With the mods you describe I would suggest you start at about 10 to 12 degrees btdc. you may have to play with it to get it just the way you like it. Hope this helps. Mike

What would cause a 1980 Chevy Camaro with a 350 4 barrel to have problems with 2800 rpm and higher acceleration?

check ur fuel filter and if that's good its time for a tune up.

Where should the vacuum advance be connected to on a 350 Chevy with a 2 barrel carb?

Look on the carb for a small vacuum source above the throttle body. You would want one that has no vacuum at idle.