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What else can you look at on a 1996 Ford Thunderbird 4.6 Code 34 problem after replacing the egr valve cannister and cleaning all connections?


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2004-10-05 22:44:13
2004-10-05 22:44:13

Check 4 a bad or loose gas cap.


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A code 194 means cell dirty (needs cleaning) or needs to be replaced. You can try cleaning to out, check the manual for instructions but before replacing it double check the cord connections and if you replace the cell you should replace the cord as well.

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sounds like the clutch switch neeeds replacing or cleaning.

if it has a carburetor try cleaning it and try replacing the throttlepositioning sensor.

It coud just mean your air filter needs replacing or cleaning ?

Your air filter is probably clogged. Try cleaning or replacing it.

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Try cleaning or replacing the Idle air control sensor.

it may help but just replacing it would be best. because just spraying it will never will it back to life. it may help it little to nothing. i have tryed before.( been working on motors since i was 11 years old.)

Check the battery connections. The vibrations from movement could be rattling a cable loose. tighten them down after cleaning them.

Try replacing you IAC valve. And cleaning tha Mass Air Flow Sensor

Bad earth or battery terminals need cleaning. Failing that the starter motor needs replacing.

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You can try cleaning it with carb cleaner by removing it and spraying carb cleaner into the port with the valve stem showing. That said, you may be better off replacing it as it is hard to properly clean it. There are some simply instructions for replacing it at

Depends entirely upon the valve design and how it has failed. I would guess that it needs either simple cleaning/descaling or replacing, not repair.

If by shut off you mean stall, your ETM needs either cleaning or replacing

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